Obligatory Intro Post

Greetings, internet.  There will at some point be actual content on this site, though as Aragorn would happily tell you, “TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY.”

He would also like you to know that “you cannot wield it,” and additionally, “it has no other master.”

Readers Who Have Never Seen Lord of the Rings:  …………*back button*

Anyway, this will eventually be the blogging space of up-and-coming author TJ Baer, who is not entirely sure if referring to herself as “up-and-coming” is hopelessly egotistical or not.  She would be happy to hear your thoughts in the comments space, however.

She also would like the internet as a whole to know that she’s somewhat sick and sleep-deprived at the moment, and thus cannot be held accountable for weird blog entries that have no point except to add some content to an otherwise content-less web site. <3

And now to have a cookie and watch another ep of Community.  I am becoming strangely attracted to Abed, and may require some form of psychological counseling.

Until next time~~~!

/worst introductory post ever

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