Awesome title goes here.

Hello, friends.  Just thought I’d check in with the ole blog to put off doing laundry to reassure you all that I’m still alive, well, and capable of typing.

Today, being Saturday, is my one day off in the week, so I’m taking advantage of that time by having a Rugrats: All Grown Up marathon and annoying the crap out of my cat by creating bizarre hairstyles with his fur. <–Don’t judge me.

For those not In the Know, I currently run a private tutoring business in the Chicago area, teaching English as a Second Language to Japanese folks who find themselves stranded in this mysterious land we call Amurica.  It’s great fun and I love doing it, but sadly one of the down-sides to running your own biz is that you don’t have so much of what we call “time off.”  Thus, I must take what succor I can from my Saturdays, and spend the other six days of the week working like mad.  (This would be easier to stomach if the work let me earn enough to pay all my bills, but alas.)

Anyway, such is the life of a monetarily challenged English teacher/writer. Hopefully someday I’ll become independently wealthy and will no longer need to shop for everything at Dollar Tree, but until that day, at least I’m enjoying my work. :D

….this entry went in a somewhat different direction than I was planning.

Ah, well, back to All Grown Up. \(^o^)/ I just wish the theme song wasn’t so damned catchy…

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