Coming soon: Rain Would Come

First of all, I would like to offer a cheerful greeting to the thousands upon thousands of frenzied fans who visit this site each and every day to bask in the genius of my ramblings. <3

Tuesday, July 30, 2013
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…I will pause so the crickets may chirp.

Anyway, I’m pleased to announce that I’ll soon be releasing a new short story, which will then allow you, my faithful readers, to toss more of your money at me via Amazon. Hurrah!

More info below:



Rain Would Come
by T.J. Baer

Soon, maybe very soon, she was going to die.

On the eve of her sixty-fourth birthday, Barbara wakes up with the certainty that she’s going to die, and soon. But when? How? And what will happen after?

Determined to make the most of her last days, Barbara invites a certain lovely lady to accompany her to the beach for an afternoon of sun, wine, and talking about eternity.

A rich, poignant tale of death, life, and two older ladies in love.

Available soon on


Re: the writing of this story…

So, yeah, death scares me. In fact, it scares the hell out of me. This story, I guess, is my attempt to deal with that fear and make it into something a little softer, something  I can look at with peace and understanding rather than pants-wetting terror.

In addition, my mother has said to me a few times that I should try writing about something other than gay men. So, in answer to that request, I present… Lesbians! \(^o^)/

Yay. :P

Anyway, coming soon!

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