A glimpse into a young psyche

Excerpts from the diary of a young writer – namely, me at age 8-9:

October 14, 1991
[age 8]

Dear Diary,

My mom says this week I can get my ears pierced. She says I can also get my hair cut right above my ears. I have a problem. My friend Kelly has a crush on my boyfriend. He likes her too. I don’t know what to do. My boyfriend is Travis. Only my best friends know. Their names are, Jessica, Lindsay, Celina, Cassandra, and Alicia. Jessica likes Adam. Lindsay likes Patrick. Celina likes Dustin.

Jessica also likes a boy in her neighborhood named Dustin. I think he’s 9.

Oct. 15, 1991

Dear Diary,

Jessica has an idea about Operation K + T (Kelly + Travis).

Step 1: Dress casually and dress nicely. Wear pretty jewelry and earrings.

Step 2: Walk nice with your head held up high.

Step 3: Start a conversation. Do this about once or twice a week.

Step 4: Talk to him about every day.

Step 5: He will think of you as a friend. When you talk to him gradually ask him if he has a girlfriend.

Oct. 16, 1991
Dear Diary,

Travis has been staring at me so much I think he’s losing interest in Kelly. For example, when I was coming into the room, he was at the pencil sharpener in the next room. Suddenly when I walk by he just starts to stare at me! It felt kinda weird. His mouth just dropped open (he slowed his pace on turning the pencil sharpener) and he just stared at me. I wonder if he’ll like me even more when I cut my hair and get my ears pierced? I grabbed Kelly’s hood and wouldn’t let go till she told me her boyfriend. With alot of stalling, she finally said she liked Patrick. Now Lindsay is mad. Joel hit her and she blamed me. She said if I had an Indian name it would be Hitting Bear. Later she believed me.

July 25, 1992
[age 9]

Dear Diary,

I hate Travis now. School is out and on the 29th we go to the beach. I’m so excited! I can’t wait! Here’s a comic strip that I drew.

[The aforementioned comic strip features a rabbit seeing a sign advertising “24 karat” jewelry. Hilariously assuming this has the same meaning as “carrot,” he bites into a diamond and breaks his teeth. To-ho-ho!]

[I should also mention that 8-year-old me’s definition of “boyfriend” was apparently “boy I like who has shown no interest in me whatsoever and would most likely shriek in horror if he knew I was calling him my ‘boyfriend.'”]

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