Doing some work today on my Gay Fantasy Epic (TM), the one I’ve been working on in various forms for the past fifteen years and still haven’t managed to complete to my satisfaction.

In an attempt to breathe some new life into it, I’ve decided to gender-switch the main character and see what comes of it. Thus far, it’s going well but is a bit on the weird side, as this then transforms our male/male main couple into a male/female couple, and I don’t think I’ve written m/f romance since my Highlander fanfiction days of long ago. (Don’t Google them. They will only bring you pain.)

Men and women? Together? In love? It’s just so strange. :O

I shall work heroically to conquer my prejudices, however, and see if I can write a convincing male/female romance! Should be interesting, anyway. >_>

Edit: Yeah, that didn’t work. Back to The Gay. \(^o^)/

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