This is a blog post! Wow! Amazing!

So, I’m going to try this interesting new thing called “updating my blog on a semi-regular basis.”


I know. Shocking.

We’ll see how it goes.

So, for my first Updating My Blog On A Semi-Regular Basis (UMBOASRB?) entry:

Ummmm. Hm.

Ah, got it. Things I’ve been doing recently!

1. Watching a great deal of Sherlock

2. Thinking a great deal about Sherlock

3. Cursing winter and its unholy grip over the land

4. Writing a bit here and there, mostly my Gay Fantasy Epic (TM) and a teeny tiny bit of Sherlock fanfiction

5. Not cleaning my apartment or washing clothes or washing dishes (i.e., living in squalor)

6. Teaching as many lessons as possible to replenish the money lost over the holidays (plane tickets, cat sitter, lost revenue, gifts for everyone in the world, shipping, etc.)

7. Cursing whoever’s idea it was to put a button on my phone’s keypad that automatically opens the internet browser when I accidentally bump it while typing.

8. Sleeping, or trying to sleep, despite the screeching noise my radiator makes at varying intervals during the night and the woman next door who insists on giving loud, manic sermons to the wall behind my head at 6 AM nearly every morning. To-ho-ho, apartment living. Good times.


(I may also be developing a slight addiction to gifs, for which I am sorry. But not sorry enough to stop using them.)

Annnnnd that’s about it, I suppose. Another thrilling entry.

Oh, and a reminder: I have books and you can buy them! So, if you find yourself with a little extra cash and a tragic lack of my fiction in your life, head on over to my Books page and start-a-spending. Why waste money on food or rent when you could be using it to buy books?


…yeah. I may need an intervention of some kind.

Until next time~!

3 thoughts on “This is a blog post! Wow! Amazing!

  1. TJ, I truly believe that if you transcribe your neighbor’s early morning diatribes you will have another novel in the making. Call it SOMETHING EVIL THIS WAY RANTS-or-THE RADIATOR ALWAYS DINGS TWICE. Or perhaps THE WINTER OF MY MISPLACED RENT… ;) E


      1. She may be talking in the tongues of angels. Or perhaps she is a stock broker who talks in her sleep. This could be a great opportunity for your writing future. Or, at the very least, insider trading. ;)


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