Farewell to squalor

Friends, this morning it finally happened. I finally grew tired of living in squalor and cleaned my apartment.

Now my nasal passages are coated in dust, the bottoms of my feet have turned gray, and I’ve managed to soak my Sally Brown “Sweet Babboo” T-shirt in a charming layer of sweat, but IT IS DONE. MY APARTMENT IS CLEAN.

Well. Cleaner, anyway. After two solid hours of cleaning, dusting, sweeping, and cursing the existence of entropy, the place is still far from sparkling, but at least it looks somewhat more presentable. My style of organization tends to revolve around stacks of books and papers and things placed in strategic locations around the apartment, and now, at least, they’re neat piles of books and papers and things on a freshly swept floor. So, huzzah.

To reward myself for this awe-inspiring effort (I even cleaned the microwave and the stinky corner behind the litter box, which were both pretty horrifying), I’ve made myself a lovely lunch of soup with rice noodles, zucchini, fresh tomatoes, edamame, and wakame (Japanese seaweed, great for soups). Of course, as there’s literally no way to transfer rice noodles from package to bowl without an explosion of little noodle fragments, I sadly had to spend the next several minutes sweeping the kitchen floor again. But this is the price we pay for deliciousness.

And now to enjoy my lunch and try not to think about the last bit of cleaning I have to do (namely, the kitchen sink), which will probably involve a great deal of bravery and some kind of HAZMAT suit.

han-goodluck01 han-goodluck02
/somewhat pointless update

Incidentally: If your mouse-clicking finger is tired of clicking on all those things that don’t in some way benefit me, head on over to my Facebook page and give it a like. Or stop by my Books page and discover that the one thing that’s been missing from your life all these years is my fiction, and now that you’ve found each other, you shall never be parted again…! I do so love happy endings. <3

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