In which I venture into the outside world (and survive)!

HELLO, INTERNET. I have returned.

(I’m looking a bit like Lucille Ball these days.)

I haven’t been on the computer much over the last week or so, which is both (a) a very, very good (albeit surprising) thing, and (b) the reason behind my tragic lack of updates as of late.

But TJ! you say, because you often make exclamatory remarks to your computer screen. Is it even humanly possible for a person to be away from the computer for that long? Wouldn’t your head explode and your heart shrivel up and die in your chest?

Perfectly valid questions, dear internet person, which I shall answer thusly:

First, as it turns out, it’s possible to be away from the computer for a surprisingly lengthy period of time without any horrifying side effects (aside from a general free-and-easy feeling which I’m sure is most unnatural).

Second, there are actually a number of things to do in the outside world, despite my previous assumption that this could not possibly be the case.

So, rather than spending my time this past week scrolling endlessly through Facebook and searching Tumblr for new gifs, I’ve been out in the world, doing stuff.


First, my dear mother came for a four-day visit, during which time we walked, ate, walked, did touristy things, walked, ate, and walked and ate some more. And then, just prior to her leaving, she took me to Target and bought me stuff, because mothers are pretty freaking awesome sometimes. Also, I’m poor, and thus don’t generally worry about things like having enough dishes or a nice little kitchen rug or…you know, paper towels and fancy stuff like that.


Since then, I’ve been using my newfound love of the real world to take long walks around the city, visit the library, pop into some newly discovered book stores, and acquire a towering stack of books to read. (Because I may be turning over a new leaf, but it’s still a tremendously nerdy leaf.)

Of course, there’s also a less-wondrous side to my recent ramblings, mainly that today I have shin splints and a backache and had to do the Sophia Petrillo shuffle all the way to the grocery store and back. Turns out that there is such a thing as overdoing this whole walking around in the outside world thing; I just have to endeavor to find a balance between glued-to-my-computer-chair and Forrest-Gump-traversing-America.

In other news, as long as I’m on the road to self-improvement via the reduction of my internet time, I’ve decided to tackle some other things – mainly my diet, which has veered into less than healthy waters as of late.


(It’s a Lucy sort of day.)

Thus, today I limped on down to the supermarket and picked up some Healthy Food Items, after which I constructed a Healthy Lunch and Healthy Dinner, and even a Healthy Snack. Wow!

Currently taking bets on how long this new healthy regime will last:

1. Not long
2. Less than not long
3. I’m stuffing my face as we speak


Place your bets now!

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