In which I meet the Nostalgia Critic, and it is good.

Today, after a journey so long and arduous that I had to resist the urge to toss a ring into Mount Doom at the end of it, I had the chance to meet one of my internet celebrity heroes, Doug Walker, AKA the Nostalgia Critic / That Guy With The Glasses!


The event, held at a Barnes & Noble in Oak Brook, was a group discussion about both great and terrible Christmas movies, and ranged from talk of A Christmas Story to It’s a Wonderful Life to various obscure (and sometimes gloriously insane) holiday classics.


Doug was joined at the event by his equally hilarious brother, Rob, who some may also know as the actor behind that unforgettable holiday icon, Santa Christ.

During the event, folks in the audience were able to raise their hands and talk about their favorite or least favorite holiday movies, with frequent bantering commentary from the Bros. Walker. I did actually raise my hand at one point, though I’m sure I would’ve collapsed into a twitching pile of jelly had I actually been called upon to speak.

I was nervous enough just going up to talk to Doug and Rob at the meet and greet after the event, which saddens me, since I endeavor to be one of those people who encounters celebrities and responds with, Oh, hey. You’re awesome and somewhat famous, but that doesn’t intimidate me in the least. Here is some witty banter. ‘Kay, see ya.

Instead, I believe my terribly articulate and original lines were, “I feel like I know you, since I’ve been watching your videos for so long,” and then, “Can I trouble you for a photo?”


But I got a picture, I got to shake hands with Doug and Rob, and I even walked away with a signed photo of that holiest and beardiest of pancake-lovers,  Santa Christ (with Nostalgia Critic lurking in the background):


Woo, free pancakes!

So, yes, despite having spent a whopping six hours on public transportation today, I have to say, it feels like a day well spent. <3

In completely unrelated (but important) news, HEY, don’t forget to like my Facebook page for a chance to win a signed, advance reader copy of my upcoming fantasy novel, Chosen!

…good God, there’s not a single gif in this entire post.




Muuuuch better.

For more on Doug, Rob, and the Nostalgia Critic, check out, or The League of Super Critics on YouTube.

Edit: It seems That Guy With The Glasses has moved to – head over there for more hilarity and (of course) awesomeness.

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