Last chance to win a signed copy of Chosen


Be advised that tomorrow is the final day to enter to win a signed, advance reader copy of Chosen, your new favorite LGBT fantasy novel! It has magic! It has emotion! It has daring action scenes and not-so-daring scenes where the characters, like, talk together and stuff! IT HAS EVERYTHING!


ENTER TODAY or regret it forever.


When a mark on your skin decides whether you live or die…

A knock on the door, a voice in the night, and fifteen-year-old Kaine Ikarra’s world changes forever. His father has disappeared and no one will say what’s happened to him, only that he’s gone and won’t be coming back. Kaine and his mother flee the city in the middle of the night, running from whatever nameless terror has stolen his father away, and Kaine soon finds himself on the other side of the country in a small town called Aurora.

Aurora is quiet, idyllic, and the most dangerous place in the world for Kaine. Kaine has a secret, a glowing mark on his skin that grants him great powers—and could condemn him to death at the hands of his conservative new neighbors. According to the Book of the Gods, he is an abomination who must be put to death, and he knows that the devout people of Aurora won’t hesitate to do just that if they find out what he is.

In this world of danger, Kaine finds unexpected friends, powerful enemies, and a web of secrets that may finally lead him to unravel the mystery of his father’s disappearance—if he can stay alive long enough to find out.

How to enter: All you have to do is head over to Facebook and like my official author page and BAM, you’re entered.


Contest ends tomorrow, Friday, December 19th, so hurry and enter now while you still can! Exclamation exclamation!

Barring an internet apocalypse, the winner will be announced on Saturday, so stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion!


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