Results of the Chosen giveaway

As promised, the results of the Chosen: Book I giveaway! After compiling all the names of those who entered, I enlisted the help of Benny, my faithful feline companion, and Emily, my faithful friend and punster, to select the winner in the most scientific way possible.


By putting each name on a little strip of paper and drawing a name out of hat.


Here you see Benny inspecting the hat to make sure everything is entirely on the up and up, and also, that nothing within the vicinity is edible and/or made of cat food.


Clad in my finest Empire Strikes Back formal wear, I closed my eyes, turned my head away, and drew out the name of the lucky winner…


Kim “Pix” Hollon!

Congratulations, Kim! You’ll be receiving your copy of Chosen: Book I shortly after the new year!


(It will look like this, only bigger and not so 2D.)

Thank you to everyone who participated! Your awesomeness will long be remembered. <3


As will Mark Hamill’s stirring performance on The Muppet Show.

Goodnight, friends. <3

(More on Chosen here: Chosen Main Page )

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