Great music for writing (or epic errands)

A few people have expressed interest in knowing what kind of music (if any) I listen to while writing, so I thought I’d toss out a few of the tracks that really get me into writing mode.

Because, really, it’s either that or do some housework, and I’m not about to ruin my perfect No Housework Done All Week streak.


So huzzah, onward!


1. Ludovico Einaudi

Ludovico Einaudi’s stuff makes for fantastic writing music, and actually, I was listening to one of his albums on super-insane-o repeat when writing the Dramatic Final Confrontation scene in Book I of Chosen. He has some softer numbers, some songs that really tug at your heartstrings, and some that are so epic and dramatic that it’s hard to sit still while listening to them. And, bonus, you can listen to a ton of his stuff (including full albums) for free on his official YouTube page here.

2. Two Steps From Hell

I only recently found out about Two Steps From Hell, but they’re pretty amazing, and absolutely perfect background for writing fantasy. Also, fun fact: Anything you do immediately becomes more epic with a Two Steps From Hell song playing in the background, whether it be walking (heroically) to the post office or (heroically) taking a shower. Try it sometime.

3. Secret Garden

Secret Garden’s songs tend to be softer and less battle-scene-inducing than the previous two entries, but I’ve been using their stuff as writing music for years. The above song, “Sigma,” is a great one, and “Elegie” is another great, emotional track. I also have to mention that in my imaginary Chosen movie, “Sleepsong” is the opening credits theme, so Future Director of Absolutely-Going-To-Happen Movie of Chosen, kindly keep that in mind.

4. The Downtown Lights

This is a much more personal choice, but here’s the story: This song has been attached to Chosen ever since I started writing it way back when I was fifteen. So many of the lyrics so perfectly fit the relationship between the two main characters, Nicholas and Kaine, and all I have to do is hear the opening bars to this song and I immediately want to write. I actually started out listening to the Annie Lennox cover version (which is also fantastic), but I love the original by The Blue Nile, as well as Keane’s more recent cover. It’s just a great song that never fails to grab my emotions, and that makes it a great addition to my ever-expanding Writing Mix.

There are a ton of other songs I listen to while writing (and I do occasionally just shut everything off and work in silence), but the above are the ones I use most frequently.

Other writers out there, how about you? What music instantly puts into writing mode? Let me know in the comments, as receiving comments pleases me in a not-at-all-pathetic Dr. Zoidberg sort of way:


And now, as it’s time for Second Breakfast, I’ll be on my way. Incidentally, if you’ re currently looking at a satellite photo of the United States and are wondering what that giant white mountain is, it’s Chicago. And that arm waving from a ten-foot snowbank is me. HELLO!

Okay, bye.

2 thoughts on “Great music for writing (or epic errands)

  1. The first three are my go-to musics for writing/drawing as well! I also like Lindsay Sterling, and various movie/tv scores. Interstellar and Gravity both have really good soundtracks to write to. :)


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