The best part of waking up is toothpaste in my lungs

So, here’s a fun start to a Saturday morning: I somehow managed to get the hiccups while in the midst of brushing my teeth, which caused me to inhale some toothpaste, which led to five solid minutes of hacking and coughing in an attempt to rid my lungs of minty fresh fluid. The good news? Choking on toothpaste was enough of a shock that it immediately got rid of my hiccups. WIN.


Sometimes I think God/the Universe is trolling me.

/very important update

In other news: As of late, I’ve been busy working on Book II of Chosen and continuing the slow and uninteresting quest for a literary agent. The weather in Chicago is gradually becoming less soul-crushingly miserable, and with the warmer temps have come a series of friendly cockroaches offering their greetings unto myself and Benny in the middle of the night.  So, yep, life continues pretty much as it ever was, plus or minus a few cockroaches.

And now I must leave the safety of my computer chair and venture out into The World, for Benny needs cat food and I’m almost out of green tea. Onward!


…I may also have spent a significant portion of the last few weeks watching every single episode of Adventure Time. I regret nothing.