“Chosen” art from several billion years ago

This blog is currently at 93 followers, meaning that we may soon hit 100! And while that may seem like a laughably small number to the J.K. Rowlings of the world, for the T.J. Baers, it’s most definitely cause for celebration.

As such, I’ve gone digging in my Big Box-o-Stuff, and I’ve unearthed some retro Chosen fanart for your viewing (dis)pleasure. BEHOLD!


Horrified chibi-style Kaine.


Retro!Kaine, from back when his eyes were blue rather than brown. <–(Fascinating)


Darek the Cleric (becauseĀ  having a name that rhymes with your profession = awesome) fretting about something chibi style.


Another early sketch of Kaine looking angsty.


Noseless/Irritated!Kaine and Noseless/Expressionless!Nicholas, drawn in crayon for that added dose of artsiness.

And finally, a long-lost Chosen comic, in which Kaine mourns for a beloved character lost in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix…

(Click the images for big-enough-to-actually-read-the-words size.)


And since the last panel was somewhat messy, Past!Me redid it as follows:


Annnnd now time for bed. <3


[For more on Chosen and why it’s soon going to become your favorite new LGBT fantasy series, check out the Chosen Main Page here.]

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