Which involves eyeliner and a Bieber wig

As I mentioned in my last post, this blog is currently hovering just short of 100 followers. And because (a) it’s Pride Month, and (b) I’ve been going through the pictures on my phone and discovering a wealth of interesting and/or incriminating photos from The Past, I’ve decided to provide you with a once in a lifetime offer of amazingness.

Should this blog pass 100 followers, I will post something here that has never before seen the light of day, something that brings me a perplexing mix of amusement, embarrassment, and pride.


Friends, if we pass 100 followers, I will post…

Wait for it…


Keep waiting…


Almost theerrrreee…


Whoops, waited too long.

If we hit 100 followers, I will post:

A photo of myself in drag, from that Halloween a few years ago when I decided to dress up as a guy and then chickened out at the last minute and went as nothing instead!



So, yes. Should you for some reason wish to see this–


–with eyeliner stubble and a Justin Bieber wig, follow this blog now.


And now to put on my busty gold pajamas and head off to bed. Goodnight, friends. Until next time~~<3

(Should this blog not surpass the 100-follower mark, I’ll be left with no other choice than to conclude that no one wishes to see my stubbly Bieber look, and that shall be a very sad day indeed.)

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