Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, etc.

Greetings, friends. I find myself in the unfortunate position of being so stressed that I may start screaming soon, so I thought I would try to alleviate my desire for decibels with a blog post. Hurrah! Everybody wins!


It’s been, to put it mildly, something of a rough week. From technological mishaps to plumbing disasters to the sudden realization that nearly all of my students are heading back to Japan this month and thus I have to either find a bunch of new students somewhere, get a different job, or start looking for an affordable cardboard box to move into, things have been less than restful at the Baer Household as of late.

And for all that I know I need to leap heroically from my computer chair right this minute and Get Stuff Done, all I really want to do is curl up with my Snoopy plush and watch old episodes of Muppet Babies until I feel better.


The final straw came last night, when (after injuring my foot due to the illogical nature of flip-flops), I came home, cooked up a lovely meal, and then ended up burning myself on the pan and dumping the entirety of said meal into my filthy, clogged-up sink (aforementioned plumbing problem).


At that point, I found myself faced with a choice. I could fall to the floor and drown in a puddle of my own self-pitying tears, or I could make the best of the situation and go to Plan B.


Plan B was to order some Chinese food, but as my computer’s internet had decided to be an evil bastard (aforementioned technology problem), I had to default to Plan C, which was to haul my ass over to Walgreens and buy a Stouffer’s frozen dinner.

And, wonder of wonders, I actually managed to get it home and into the microwave without any great mishaps occurring.


Despite this minor victory, I’m still feeling somewhat overwhelmed and stressed at the moment, and I find myself side-eying the sky and wondering when the next anvil is going to drop.


Of course, obsessing about what’s going to go wrong next isn’t going to do me any good, so I’m trying very hard to keep a positive attitude and calmly tackle each item on my list rather than going to pieces. It ain’t easy, though.


But I shall continue to endure, and I’m sure that, with the mighty power of optimism (and tea), I will somehow find the strength to dig myself out of my sad little hole of self-pity, realize that things aren’t as bad as they seem, and get shit done.


If anyone needs me, I’ll be elbows-deep in filthy sink water trying to wrestle a ball of cat hair and rotting food out of a pipe so old it knew Jesus personally.



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