I feel pretty and witty and…

Because “gay” really should go back to meaning “happy,” some smile-inducing LGBTQ tidbits from around the web:

1. Gandalf and Dumbledore got married across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church, and it was – wait for it – magical.




Mazel tov, gentlemen. <3

2. Hulu released an adorable animated short in which, to quote The Mary Sue, “A brave knight and a prince share pumpkin pie, fall in love.”




Now that’s my kind of fairy tale.

3. Kids REACT to Gay Marriage:

Bit of an older video, but still full of a gratifying amount of love and acceptance. Except for the one kid who keeps insisting that “being gay is bad” but can’t explain why, but eh, he’s young yet. Give him time.

4. Oh, God, I pierced the toast!

No reason at all for sharing this, except that it’s a scene of comic genius from the first movie I ever saw that had gay protagonists.

And finally, because no list of awesome things would be complete without The Golden Girls:

5. Sophia teaches Blanche about marriage equality:

In related news, Sophia sounds off on lesbians vs. cats:



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