Chicago Pride Parade, 2015

2015pride_01Today was my first Pride Parade in nine or ten years, and while I’m a fan of crowds in the same way the Wicked Witch of the West is a fan of Dasani, I’m glad I persuaded myself to go. Knowing that there are LGBTQ supporters out there is one thing, but actually being surrounded by a giant cheering mass of them is something else entirely. The energy of the crowd was fantastic, and seeing so many groups and organizations coming out in support of LGBTQ people was wonderful and actually rather moving. I may have had to blink away tears a few times, primarily because I’m a big ole mushy pile of sentimental mush. <3

Anyway. I didn’t stay for all that long, only an hour or so, but I’m definitely glad I went. I’m also very glad I brought my little camp chair, snacks, and water along, because the buses were so slow that I ended up walking halfway to Mordor and back just to get home.


Some pictures:

2015pride_15  2015pride_12 2015pride_11 2015pride_08 2015pride_03

And the best T-shirt award goes to:



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