Furiosa of Tarth, nipple filling, and the quietest reign of terror ever

Greetings, friends! It’s time once again to spam the internet with unasked-for information regarding my recent activities. Hurrah!

Things I’ve Been Up To As of Late:

1. I’ve been doing a lot of writing, working hard on Chosen: Book II, which actually takes place around twenty years before Book I because…reasons.


The story’s really coming together (40,000 words at last count), and the chapter I’m working on now features a character who can literally be described as a “warrior princess” (though with far more sensible attire than Xena), a gender fluid character who ends up in a relationship with the aforementioned princess, and a rather sweet and angsty romance between a queen and a female soldier. The female soldier, I recently realized, I’ve been picturing as a cross between Furiosa from Mad Max and Brienne from Game of Thrones.


Though how one body could possibly contain so much awesome and kick-ass-itude, I have no idea.

In any case, the writing is going well, and the search for the right literary agent to represent Book I is also…going.


2. I spent the holiday weekend off in the wilds of the Illinois countryside, scarfing down barbecued meats and getting bitten by mosquitoes to celebrate the birth of our great nation. I also had the opportunity to have a variety of conversations with my good friend Emily, author, artist, and punster extraordinaire, about a variety of intriguing topics.

We had a slight misunderstanding regarding the Pride Parade, wherein I mentioned that I’d seen a lot of pasties at the parade, and Emily (a former history major and author of several brilliant England-based historical novels), assumed I meant these:


When, in fact, I meant these:


This led to a slight breakdown in our conversation when Emily wondered what type of filling the aforementioned pasties had had, and I had no choice but to reply, “Nipple filling.”

We eventually stopped laughing.

3. I also discovered, to my delight, that the internet (or, at least,  dose.com) has decreed that my ideal profession is Hogwarts Professor!



As this combines two of my passions – teaching and having fricking MAGIC – I was very pleased at this pronouncement.

When Emily (also a teacher) took the test, hoping for the same result, she was in for something of a shock.

Emily: MINISTER OF MAGIC? I’m supposed to be Minister of Magic??! I don’t want to be Minister of Magic. I want to be a professor at Hogwarts.

Me: Well, no one’s going to force you to be the Minister of Magic if you don’t want to. You can, you know. Choose NOT to be the Minister of Magic.

Emily: No, the quiz says I have to.

Me: What does the quiz know? And anyway, just because you’re the Minister of Magic doesn’t mean you can’t also be a professor at Hogwarts.


Me: …… Well, on the plus side, as Minister of Magic, you’ll have a lot of power to influence the wizarding world. You could always just decree that they HAVE to hire you.

Emily: OOH, yeah, and I could outlaw fireworks! I hate how people set off tons of loud fireworks when it’s not even the 4th of July. *rages over this for a few moments* Maybe I should just outlaw all loud noises. And loud bass music – I hate that!  Muwahahaha, YESSS.

Me: And so Emily’s reign of terror begins. …the quietest reign of terror ever.

Emily: *bouncing (quietly) with evil glee*


4. One final note: I’ve just started watching Humans, a British-American sci-fi series that’s being run on AMC here in the States. It’s a fascinating, wonderfully creepy and well-done look at a possible android-filled future. I’ve only seen the first two episodes thus far, but I’m already completely hooked.

The show features a lot of great actors, but the most notable cast member for me is Colin Morgan, better known as Merlin from…well, Merlin, and my dream-cast choice for Kaine in the you-know-it’s-totally-going-to-happen movie version of Chosen.


All hail the Colin and the Colin’s beard.

Anyway, Benny is demanding his dinner, so I’d best go break out the Fancy Feast before he starts clawing the furniture in protest. Until next time~~~~!

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