Chosen: Book II dream cast is shiny and pretty and shiny

Greetings, my eager readers! After another lengthy period of blog neglect, I have returned!


Okay, fair enough.

Anyway, I’ve been hard at work on Chosen: Book II, and have written (and subsequently deleted) many new and interesting scenes! I’ve also used time when I should’ve been writing to do the all-important hunt for a Book II dream cast, and I’m pleased to announce that said cast has now officially been assembled. Behold!


A run-down of the characters, for those who might’ve missed the other 17,000 posts here regarding Chosen:


The main character of Chosen: Book II is Lucas Defrin, portrayed in my dream-cast movie by the talented and eternally youthful Thomas Brodie-Sangster. Lucas will eventually grow up to be the ever-calm and collected Mr. Defrin from Book I, Nicholas’ father and Kaine’s beloved teacher and mentor. But at the time of Book II, Lucas is fifteen years old and just coming to grips with his powers in the midst of the Fael War. Because of his ability to read the thoughts, emotions, and memories of those around him, Lucas has kept himself friendless and cloistered for most of his life, but that all changes one day when he stumbles across a fistfight on his way home from school.


Saidob_ashd fistfight is between Hema James (Odeya Rush), Asher Dawes (Dylan O’Brien), and two of Asher’s thuggish/bastardly friends. After witnessing Asher being something of a bullying asshole at school earlier that day, Hema took it upon herself to remark upon his questionable parentage and physical similarity to the hind quarters of a farm animal, and surprisingly, Asher took exception to this and decided to wreak his revenge upon her via ambush and an unevenly matched fistfight.  When Lucas happens upon the fight, Hema isn’t doing a bad job of defending herself, but Lucas knows it’ll only be a matter of time before she’s overpowered by the sheer number of jerky bullies attacking her. He throws his skinny body into the mix and, with the use of his powers, manages to reach Asher and discover the non-jerk buried deep inside of him.

Over the course of the next few months (and after a sufficient period of Hema torturing Asher for his past sins, because let’s face it, he deserves it), Hema, Lucas, and Ash leave behind their formerly lonely lives and form a deep friendship built on mutual love, respect, and a whole heaping pile of reckless decisions.

kp_sarah In the role of Lucas’ first love interest is Sarah Graves (Keke Palmer), the daughter of the uber-religious, magic-hating Councilor Jemma Graves. Despite Sarah’s kind nature and genuine crush-type feelings for Lucas, Lucas suspects that getting involved with her might not be the best idea, given that her parents would gladly hand him over to the king’s soldiers if they had the slightest indication that he bore any “unnatural” powers. As Lucas is fifteen, however, his other body parts quickly overpower his brain, and he enters into a relationship with Sarah, anyway. (I’m sure it’ll be fine, though, and nothing terrible/emotionally scarring will happen.)

sp_elisabethAlso vying for Lucas’ romantic attention is Elisabeth (Sacha Parkinson), a cheery, tea-loving runaway with an unnerving darkness lurking below the surface of her emotions. After the death of her parents and a screaming row with her older sister, Elisabeth took to the road with a group of musicians and has been making her living singing at worship hall services across the country. When Lucas first sees her, she’s singing Arianas’ Lament in the middle of a crowded worship service, and when he locks eyes with her, his mind is filled with the image of her curled up in a dark room with her hands clamped over her ears, screaming and screaming…

Rightfully wondering what the hell is going on, Lucas befriends Elisabeth in hopes of figuring out the source of the darkness he’s seen in the depths of her mind. Also, you know, she’s pretty and nice and funny and seems to like him, too, so that’s also a factor in his decision.

And these, friends, are the five main characters of Chosen: Book II, and because there are no lengths to which I won’t go to procrastinate, I’ve also created this side-by-side image of Book I vs. Book II dream actors in their younger and older forms:


Lucas’ face elongating surgery went well, it would seem.

Anyway, I should probably get back to actually writing, so I’ll leave off here for now. I ended up deleting everything I wrote yesterday, so I have some catching up to do. Onward to chapter seventeen~~~!


For more on the Chosen series, head over to the Chosen Main Page. And for a sneak peak of the first few chapters of Book I, head over to this other page over here. You know you wanna.




One thought on “Chosen: Book II dream cast is shiny and pretty and shiny

  1. Dylaaaaaaan!

    I was so sad you cast him as the jerk but then I kept reading and was all “OH OKAY THEN.” <3

    (I've actually had this post open in a tab so I could comment on it for….a while, now. Oops. At some point I will also comment on the excerpt you posted, which I actually read, but then you posted more? I think? And that I have not read. I think. But I shall, and then I shall comment on it! Spoiler alert: What I read was super-awesome.)


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