In which I join the working world

Friends, it’s official: I have joined the working world.


After a lengthy search for gainful employment, I at last found an office willing to take in a sanity-challenged, tea-addicted writer who never leaves home without two books, a laptop, a notebook, water, cough drops, a first aid kit, a packed lunch, and enough snacks to get through a zombie apocalypse.

(That would be me, incidentally)


My days as an impoverished self-employed teacher have sadly come to an end, and I am now transitioning into being an impoverished office worker trying desperately to pay off her credit card debts and eventually save up enough money for grad school.


The good news (aside from that business about a steady paycheck) is that the office is great, the people are great, and the work is just varied enough to be interesting.

The bad news, unfortunately, is that I live in the city and the office is in the suburbs, and due to my lack of a driver’s license, this requires a Lord of the Rings-esque journey every morning just to get to work on time. I wake up at four-thirty, leave the house at six, get to work sometime between seven thirty and eight, and then proceed to drink all the tea in order to be conscious for my workday.


I’m actually getting used to the schedule, though, and it feels good to have a steady routine, even if that steady routine involves waking up at an indecent hour of morning, working all day, and then (due to rush hour traffic and a generous amount of road construction) spending two to two and a half hours on the commute home.


But regardless, I’m enjoying the novelty of being a Working Adult, and am very much looking forward to money appearing like magic in my bank account every payday.


In other news, the first draft of Chosen: Book II is officially finished! It’s very much just the bare bones of the story at the moment and will require a lot of editing and fleshing out, but the fact that the story has a beginning, middle, and end very much pleases me. For more on Book II, head here, and for more on the Chosen series in general, visit the Chosen main page.

In any case, because I quite literally have no time for anything during the week, I have a bit of a lengthy To Do List today. Laundry, grocery shopping, meal prep, showering love on my attention-deprived cat, etc. As such, I should probably remove myself from the comfortable dent I’ve formed in my computer chair and go get stuff done, so…that is what I will do.

Until next time~~~~~!

One thought on “In which I join the working world

  1. Good luck to your new job—takes a while to adjust to something new, but glad to hear you’re enjoying it so far. (Also, very much liked your use of an Adventure Time gif; good choice, my friend, good choice.)

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