Which is full of writing talk and piss-poor doodles

So, aside from working, sleeping, eating, binge-watching The Graham Norton Show, and falling head-over-heels in love with Thomas Brodie-Sangster lookalike girls on trains, I’ve also been doing a great deal of writing as of late.


Just like this, but less green.

Some of that writing has been strictly for my own amusement (such as the twelve-page tale I wrote about a trip my friends and I took to a Japanese barbecue restaurant, which I for some reason felt the need to transform into a Dragonlance/Dungeons and Dragons-style adventure), but the rest of it has been me working on my LGBT fantasy epic, Chosen.


Long-time readers may recall that I actually completed the first book in the series late last year, and have since then also finished the first draft of the second book. Unfortunately, what these innocent and trusting souls do not know is that in the time since announcing those volumes’ completion, I’ve also completely gutted and rewritten a vast amount of Book I.


The story still follows the same basic plot, but the beginning has been reworked so as to be more interesting and exciting (a brave move, certainly), and I’ve also tried to add in a lot more detail about the world Chosen is set in, as it’s been brought to my attention that world-building = good. Who knew?

I’m actually pretty happy with the changes I’ve made, though I’ve been struggling with the middle chapters of the book for about a month now, and despite having written seven or eight thousand versions of those chapters, none of them feel quite right as of yet. I think the current version (finished yesterday in a fit of genius/insanity/aren’t-they-basically-the-same-thing) is the closest to Perfection I’ve come thus far, but there’s a good chance my feelings on that front will change the next time I look at it.

‘Cuz what’s the fun in being a writer if you’re not constantly second-guessing yourself and thinking that what you’ve written is irredeemable crap?


Anyway, though, the important thing is that writing is being done, and in addition to said writing, I’ve also been doing…some doodling.


Through a bizarre twist of fate, I ended up winning an Amazon Fire tablet at the office Christmas party this year (?!!), and since figuring out how to use it, I’ve also discovered an app that allows me to create ridiculous little doodles and then immediately publish them to Facebook to torment my friends and family with my utter lack of artistic talent.

And because my mind never strays far from the world of Chosen, I of course had to try my hand at making some doodles of Chosen‘s main characters, which I will now force you to look at.


(Click the image for a larger version.)

From left to right, as if you can’t already see their names printed below their pictures, we have Kaine, Nicholas, Silas, Hema (Kaine’s mother), Ghostly Lucas (who is ghostly-white because I drew him before I figured out how to do skin color), and Elisabeth (wife to Lucas and mother to Nicholas).

They’re far from works of art, but I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of time working on them over the past few days, and thus I feel as if I should share them here so as to have the illusion that my time was not entirely wasted.


So, yes, anyway. On that note, I’m off to pack for tomorrow, when I will dash off once again to the wilds of suburban Illinois in search of holiday fun. Will I encounter any more cigarette-smoking, Romney-loving celebrity lookalikes to crush my romantic hopes and dreams?


Only time will tell. Until next time, friends~~~~

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