Which concerns my LGBT fantasy epic

I thought I’d mosey on over to the blogosphere with some updates, as I find myself with a startling surplus of both time and brain cells this morning. I’m sure this is a condition too beautiful to last, so let’s get right to the updates before I return to my usual state of Morning Pudding-Brain.


First off, my thrilling revamp of Book I of Chosen continues, and is actually going surprisingly well. There’s still a vast gap of nothingness where three or four vital middle chapters should go, but I’m very much enjoying adding in setting and culture details and doing everything I can to diversify and gay-ify the Chosen world.


When I first started this book as a Dragonlance-obsessed teen, it was very much your typical, Tolkien-esque sort of fantasy story, in that it largely concerned (straight) white men. In the current version, however, there’s actually a majority of non-white, non-heterosexual characters (including number-one-main-character Kaine), a ton of awesome ladies all over the damn place, and characters who identify as trans, gender-fluid, or just generally don’t ascribe to “traditional” (read: boring) gender roles.

All of which pleases me greatly.


One marvelous thing about creating a whole fantasy world is that it can be anything you want, such as a place where being LGBTQ+ is completely normal and cool, and the genders are more or less equal. And this actually makes sense within the Chosen world, because the dominant religion has gods, goddesses, and a gender-fluid “god-goddess,” many of whom were involved in same-sex or opposite-sex relationships when they visited the mortal realm in ancient times.


Of course, religious intolerance still very much exists in this world – it’s just not aimed in the same direction as our own Earth-y brand of ancient-book-inspired hatred.


Which means more gay for everyone. Bring on the gay~~~~!

Anyway. In conclusion, the writing and editing is going well, and I’m confident that Chosen will actually be publication-ready at some point in the not-too-distant future.


Perhaps even Next Sunday, A.D.

Annnnnnnd now I should probably adjourn from blogging for the time being in favor of doing some actual writing, as that will bring us to the aforementioned future that much faster.

Wishing you a most pleasant Wednesday, my friends. May it be happy and lovely and full of gay~~~~<3

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