If you’re sick and you know it, put your head gently down on the desk and sigh

It’s been a rough freaking week, you guys.


Migraines, lack of sleep, a rebelling stomach, and general feeling-awful-all-over has led to some decidedly unpleasant days at work, though I find it encouraging that I’ve managed to make it to Friday morning without once vomiting all over my keyboard. Small victories, my friends. Small victories.

As for today, I’m doing my best to get through my body’s cruel rebellion by drinking tea, nibbling on the blandest bland crackers imaginable, and listening to episodes of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood through my headphones while I work.


Mister Rogers just makes everything better, somehow. Probably because he thinks you’re special and he’s proud of you and he likes you just the way you are.


In non-crying-over-Mister-Rogers’-decades-stretching-message-of-unconditional-love-and-acceptance news, I’ve also been doing a lot of work on Book I of Chosen as of late, and have made several Significant Changes which I’m pleased about in that slightly terrified way that comes of making big changes that you’re not sure will actually work out in the end. (…which was a rather long sentence, but instead of editing it, I’ll just point out that it’s long in another lengthy sentence and call it a day.)

My mission to add as many LGBT characters and non-traditional gender roles as possible continues, and it’s turned into a rather fun exercise, that constant question of, “Hrm, is this story gay enough? NO OF COURSE NOT ADD MORE GAY.”


So, yes, things are going well with the writing, and I’ve had some feedback from a beta-reader that did not include the words, “This sucks,” or “This REALLY sucks,” so…hurrah!

And now, I suppose I’d better get back to work + Mister Rogers + trying not to throw up, so I’ll stop here for now. Wishing you all a pleasant, non-vomity Friday. <3


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