General update re: moving, stress, and snot

Greetings, crickets and tumbleweeds.


Many long ages have passed since the last time I updated, and since I’ve just had some tea and thus find myself in an unprecedented state of lucidity, I thought I’d  mosey on over here and make a post. Fans of pointless and uninteresting rambles, rejoice! Rambles shall now commence.


So, yes. If it’s not already clear, life has been somewhat busy as of late, particularly in that I’ve had to arrange for myself and my feline companion to leave our spacious studio and move to a cramped little shoebox a little ways down the road. Said move is due to take place at the end of the month, so I’m still in that joyous pre-moving phase when every spare moment is spent packing, cleaning, throwing out beloved items, and spamming Craigslist with pleas for strangers to pay me for the privilege of taking my stuff.

On a scale of 1 to 10, my stress level is somewhere around 83, and because my body reacts to stress by laughing hysterically and then shutting down, I’ve also had two colds and a sinus infection over the last three weeks, which has been interesting.


Overall, though, I’m in pretty good spirits, and while I sadly haven’t been able to do any writing as of late, I’ve at least had a great deal of time in which to lie around watching cartoons and old episodes of Mister Rogers (an experience only slightly tarnished by how miserable I felt as all the snot that has ever been or ever will be somehow found its way into my nostrils).


Now, thankfully, I’m mostly on the mend and can commit myself wholeheartedly to packing, cleaning, throwing stuff out, selling stuff, and panicking. My course of antibiotics concluded yesterday, and because I have trouble swallowing pills, the doctor kindly prescribed the violently pink liquid variety that I used to take as a child for ear infections. That + Mister Rogers made for a very nostalgic experience, and that’s probably not a bad thing at all. As a child, I was endlessly optimistic and ready to take on the world, and lapsing back into that mindset might help me survive my upcoming move with my sanity mostly intact. Which would be a plus, really.

And that, friends, is a general update of my doings (and lack of doings) as of late. I could add more, but it’s nearly lunchtime, and I have pressing matters to attend to re: stuffing my face. Wishing you all a pleasant Tuesday, and hopefully our paths will cross again sometime before the next millennium. Farewell for now~~

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