In which there is a new cat, new digs, and general fawning over Jodie Whittaker

So…yeah. It’s been a while.

To all those impatiently tapping their feet, looking at their watches, and saying, “What kind of time do you call this, then?” I can only offer the excuse that I’ve been buried under piles of crazed and lovable children, struggling to complete my MFA, and spending the rest of the time sleeping.

The good news, however, is that I’ve actually managed to complete my MFA with a Hermione-worthy GPA (insert smugness and general academic fatigue here), and my tenure as a teacher of preschoolers is wrapping up in favor of shifting gears to writing, editing, teaching, and (hopefully) recovering somewhat from my eternal and unceasing state of exhaustion.

In any case, because so very much has happened since my last update sometime in the Mesozoic Era, I offer you updates now in the form of a handy list:

1. As mentioned above, I’ve finally graduated with my MFA in Writing, and thus may now begin spamming universities with applications for Assistant Professor jobs they will ultimately give to more experienced individuals.

2. Several years ago, I started working on my TEFL certification, then abandoned it when I got my current job. I’d given up hope of ever completing it, but the other day it occurred to me to see if I could pick up where I left off–and as it turns out, I could. I’m thus now spending my weekends drafting lesson plans for imaginary classes of rambunctious ESL students, and will hopefully have my TEFL certification within a few weeks. Hurrah.

3. I HAVE ACQUIRED ANOTHER CAT. (This is in all caps because, well, CAT.)

Her name is Darla, and she is as destructive as she is adorable. Despite Benny being eight years older and around ten pounds heavier, she torments him as much as possible with her energetic kitteny ways, and in addition to her penchant for tearing paper, she holds within her the magical ability to make laptops cease to function simply by walking over their keyboards.

Truly, she is a fearsome feline.

And, really, just so freaking cute. <3

4. I have gone vegetarian, though I offer all the promise that I bear no ill will toward those who choose to savage the flesh of innocent animals with their unforgiving jaws. MAY THE GODS FORGIVE YOU. …kidding. Rly.

5. Oh, I nearly forgot some quite important news: I’ve at last finished Chosen: Book I to my satisfaction and am shifting into the most maddening stage of book-writing, the querying of publishers and/or agents. I’m hoping someone will end up grabbing it up, as I’m really quite pleased with where it’s ended up, and I feel as if now-ish is a good time to release a fantasy novel that deals with LGBTQ+ people of color dealing with ostracism and unfounded hatred. Hmm…

6. Through the magic of city-subsidized housing, I’ve moved into a lovely new apartment that boasts heating, cooling, and an in-unit washer/dryer. The whole place sparkles like fairy dust, and it’s located in my dream neighborhood, as well. I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to stay given my shifting occupational focus, but I feel as if no other place will ever quite measure up. *_*

7. Have I mentioned that Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor is absolutely fabulous and I’m loving the new Doctor Who? I haven’t? Well, shame on me, then, because she is and I am.

JUST LOOK AT HER. She’s marvelous. <3

Annnd I’m sure there’s more to report on, but I’ll have to stop here for now due to a sad case of Things To Do That Require Me To Leave My Computer Chair. I hope to be back at some point, however, so…until then, I suppose?

One thought on “In which there is a new cat, new digs, and general fawning over Jodie Whittaker

  1. I recently named a fanfic I’ve been working on “Chosen” and it made me think of you and your novel. Glad to hear you and it are both doing well! Good luck with the finding of an agent/publisher. And yay new kitty!


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