On Chosen and queer lady vegans

Greetings, friends. Today I found myself faced with a truly monumental decision: Should I watch The Jeffersons marathon or the Supermarket Sweep marathon?

Sometimes life is hard.

In other news, I’ve been doing some work on Chosen (also knows as the LGBTQ fantasy epic I’ve been chipping away at since approximately the age of the dinosaurs), attempting to inject some more action and awesomeness into the book. It’s going pretty well so far, and I’ve also done another experimental gender-switch and transformed the main love interest, Nicholas, into a female character who is primarily attracted to women. This wasn’t something I planned, but it makes her romance with Kaine (biologically female but male by every other definition) all the more interesting and complex, and also ups the number of main female characters.

Actually, now that I’m thinking of it, let’s look at the main characters of the story:

Kaine: Protagonist, biologically female, transgender
Hema: Kaine’s mother and a generally kick-ass individual, female
Nicholas: Love interest, female
Silas: Bully and antagonist, female
Elisabeth: Nicholas’s mother and head of the town council, female
Captain Gann: Captain of the Town Guard, female
Cleric Fredericks: Chief religious figure in town, female
Mr. Defrin: Kaine’s mentor and teacher, male
Magistrate Phelps: Silas’s father, chief antagonist, male

Hm, so it would seem that my quest to inject as much lady power into the cast as possible has been successful.  :D

I think back on all the fantasy books I read as a child and teen, and the vast majority of them featured straight white men with perhaps two women, usually one beautiful and strong and the other beautiful and fragile and/or a bit silly. I would’ve loved to have read a book back then that showed that women had a role in fantasy other than as sidekicks and love interests, and that fantasy doesn’t have to be packed full of pale straight people. As such, I’m doing my best to make Chosen as diverse, female-led, and beautifully queer as possible, and I am also, of course, making every meal in the story vegan, because it’s my fantasy world and I can do what I want. :P

So, yes. I’ve been in a little bit of a writing slump lately due to the challenges of wrenching myself away from social media for long enough to write, but I’m hoping to get back to it soon. Perhaps right after I post this, because what better time to start some writing than one hour before bedtime?

So, yes, anyway. Writing, yay!

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