In which sleep deprivation causes rambling and random discussions on sexuality

Greetings and salutations, internet!

I opened this tab with the fervent intention of writing a brilliant blog entry that would live forever as an example of my scintillating wit and talent, but my body has reminded me that I’ve been up since 2 AM and attempting to create anything “brilliant” is just not likely to happen.

So! Here is a decidedly un-brilliant blog entry, for your possible (?) enjoyment.


I ate too much of the delicious and plant-based “Beyond Meat” yesterday and felt as awful afterwards as if I’d eaten actual meat. So…A+ for a realistic experience, I suppose? (Are we really, REALLY sure it’s not meat?)

I’m in the process of being weaned off a prescription I’ve been taking for the majority of my adult life, and while I’ve been doing well with said weaning overall, I’ve had some random troubles with my sleep cycle and a slight tendency to be over-emotional. The emotions haven’t been too troubling overall, mainly just a case of me getting choked up when seeing or reading about anything even remotely touching (they’re a lion and a goat, but they’re the best of friends! *sob*), but last night some combination of hormones, lack of sleep, and demonic energy from the netherworld conspired to leave me feeling Very Angry Indeed.

I sat at my computer trying to write, and a pen had the audacity to fall from my desk, and the cats dared to approach me requesting their dinner at dinnertime, and OH, THE RAGE AND FURY!

Pictured: Me last night, though blond and far less prone to swearing.

So I had a cup of tea, turned on some music, and settled the hell down. I also picked up the pen and fed the cats, which helped matters, too. Very much hoping the Random Bursts of Emotion are on their way out, however, so I have no further need to shout, “F*** you, pen! You’re an asshole and I hate you!” That’s just not a good look on anybody.

I’ve been posting a lot on Twitter as of late, because I realized that if something on Facebook is pissing me off, Twitter is the perfect place to air my grievances in relative secrecy. I mean, what better place to write secret stuff than on the internet, amirite? So, yes, if you enjoy utterly random tweets with occasional frustrated (280 character) rants about those who are insane enough not to share my exact views on things, head over to @tjbaerwrites and enjoy.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an amazing and awesome show. Do people know that? I feel like people probably know that, but I will inform them again just in case they momentarily forgot: Brooklyn Nine-Nine is awesome. I finally got the chance to see the episode where Rosa comes out as bisexual to friends and family, and it was beautifully done and completely jived with my own experiences.

Thank you for being so interested in my sexuality, Grease gif I inserted into this post!  I will tell you more.

I identified as “bi” for a very long time due to the fact that I had relationships with men in my youth, though nowadays I file myself more under “lesbian” since I’m pretty much exclusively attracted to women. And I find myself wondering about my past relationships, too, because I honestly can’t remember ever being genuinely physically attracted to someone of the male persuasion, though I occasionally felt strong love-type feelings for them. Sexuality is a murky pond, friends. A muuuuurky pond.

Women are great, though. How is everyone not attracted to women? Women are great.

Is this the image that came up when I typed “women” into Giphy? Yes. Yes, it is.

Anyway. It’s getting near time to have some lunch and then take an unscheduled but highly satisfying nap, so I’d best be on my way. Thank you for your attention, my friends, and I hope this hilariously frigid Wednesday treats you well.

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