Teacher/Editor/Writer/Anything-Really for Hire

Greetings, friends!  It’s been awhile, eh? So, anything new or absolutely horrifying happen since I’ve been gone?

Yeahhhh. It’s been…a time lately, hasn’t it?  Fortunately, ESL teaching is one of those jobs that can  be done online, so I’ve been teaching my regular classes from the comfort of my cat-filled home for the past month or so. Not so fortunately, my company is laying off the majority of its teaching staff starting Tuesday, and I am part of that majority.

In an effort to keep myself afloat for the next few months, I’m once again offering private English lessons online, and I’m also available for writing and editing services as well, should anyone be interested in such a thing.

If anyone out there knows of someone who might be interested in studying English with a TEFL-certified instructor with 12+ years of experience, kindly direct them to my recently spiffed-up site:


The site is in English and Japanese, so if you or your interested-in-studying-English friend is a Japanese speaker, hurrah! :D I’ll take students of any nationality, though, of course. :P

Anyway. I hope all of you are passing this bizarre time safely and comfortably. Any assistance in finding those willing to hire me in any capacity is greatly appreciated! <3

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