In which gay teens fight monsters

I’d hoped to get some writing done today, and shockingly, I did! :O

…but not on the project I was actually hoping to work on. Ah, well. :P I’d been hoping to add to my forever-WIP and gay fantasy epic (TM), Chosen, but instead I unearthed a long-ago begun story and added a few chapters to it.

Said story is tentatively entitled Guardians, and it’s a fun little YA story about teens fighting monsters and trying to stop the end of the world, because that plot hasn’t been done before.

The story, though, is surprisingly engaging, and I can say that because I started writing it long enough ago that it no longer feels like something I wrote. :P The main character, Alisha, is a kickass seventeen-year-old with frizzy hair and a talent for fighting monsters and keeping her narcissistic younger brother out of trouble. Her mother fought monsters back when she was a teenager but now is Retired, and her dad is a researcher who likes punning, Doctor Who, and annoying his children in the most loving way possible.

I have, of course, felt obliged to put as much gay into the story as possible, so Alisha’s older sister has a girlfriend, her brother’s love interest is an awesome trans girl, and Alisha has definite chemistry with nemesis and fellow teen monster-hunter, Belladonna.

Anyway, here’s a quick excerpt from a draft of a scene when Alisha visits Belladonna’s excessively nice house in search of info about this whole ‘end of the world’ thing:

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How could I sneak with this fine physique?

Greetings, friends. Greetings and hello and hello and also greetings.

I find myself with a bit of time to spare this evening, so I thought it was about time I posted an update. So to all those readers who have been weeping bitter tears into their pillows at night wondering when I would return, you may now rest easy. Your prayers have been answered.

So! An update:

Life as of late has mostly involved me in my apartment alternately teaching occasional lessons to private students online and watching old TV shows that remind me of my lost youth~*~*. Today was a marathon of Garfield and Friends, and prior to that, I revisited The Bob Newhart ShowPerfect Strangers, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Frasier, and a number of others, and I would’ve rewatched The Golden Girls as well, except that I’ve watched the series through so many times that I still have the majority of the jokes memorized. And I am 100% that person who can’t resist saying all the funniest lines along with the characters, so I don’t recommend ever watching Golden Girls with me if you want to enjoy the experience.

I also watched the final season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power on Netflix, and it was amazing and glorious and so very, unapologetically gay. Highly recommended. I don’t wish to spoil anyone, so I will simply include this magnificent photo of Scorpia and move on without further comment:

In writing-related news, there was a three- or four-day span a few weeks ago when I wrote from morning ’til night every day and cranked out around 25,000 words of Chosen. 

I finally had to take a break from this manic pace because I was losing sleep and forgetting to eat, but it was fun while it lasted. :P I’m hoping to get back into writing mode again soon, though hopefully I can manage to get some writing done while simultaneously also remembering to eat, sleep, shower, etc. #writerlife, amirite?

Not much else has been going on, alas. The highlights of my life at present include: (a) finding new ESL textbooks that I can download for free on the internet, (b) episodes of Garfield that involve The Ant Song , (c) discovering that Project Gutenberg has an ebook I want and thus I don’t have to pay $100,000 for it on the Amazon Kindle store, and (d) cinnamon toast. Cinnamon toast is great. <3

It’s a wild life I lead.

If anyone isn’t already following me on Twitter and would like to add to my legions of devoted fans (Twitter persists in saying that I have only 30 followers, but I’m sure that’s just a typo), you may find me here: @tjbaerwrites.