Updates and a haunted purse

Why, hello there.

For all the die-hard fans out there yearning for news on my doings as of late, I offer you:


(Big text means it’s Very Important, you see.)

Site Updates: In the interest of making this site as spiffy and user-friendly as possible, I’ve been making a lot of little tweaks to the layout, design, and structure, all with the goal of allowing people who visit this site to actually realize what it is when they look at it.

As such, there is now a stationary front page, along with easy links to my books, works in progress, About page, and all that other stuff that makes this site so goshdurn nifty-galifty. Hurrah!

Twitter: Despite my long-ago vow to never get sucked into Twitter, I have to admit that it’s a pretty useful place for connecting with other writers and interesting (and sometimes “interesting”) people, and so I’ve been spending a fair amount of time there as of late.

If you want to be Twitter buds (that’s what the young folks call it, right?), you can find me on Twitter @TJBaerAuthor.

Unfortunately, spending time on Twitter also means that I’m forced to be kept constantly abreast of what Twitter users think is vital news, and this sometimes leads to a general downgrade of my opinion re: the overall intelligence of humanity. Fortunately, there are also lots of people posting cat pics, so humanity is perhaps not entirely lost.

Job Hunting: Sadly, the school where I teach ESL in D.C. is closing due to a drastic downturn in student enrollment numbers (I mean, who doesn’t want to go study abroad during a global pandemic?), so I’m back on Indeed.com hunting for positions that will pay me to teach, write, edit, or complain about things while drinking tea (my primary skill set). Well wishes or gifts of large wads of cash are very much appreciated.

Writing: Due to the aforementioned global pandemic, I’ve had a lot more time for writing lately, and shockingly, I’ve used some of it for actual writing. As a result, I’ve managed to finish the manuscript for Guardians, a YA urban fantasy in which queer teens fight dimension-hopping body snatchers and are generally awesome and fun and queer. I’ve also completed a draft of the first book of Chosen, a queer YA fantasy series I’ve been working on for the last 75,000,000 years. I’m cautiously optimistic that it may be publication ready before the sun burns down to its last embers and vanishes in a puff of space smoke, but only time will tell.

The Haunted Purse: I’d also like to mention some exciting news regarding a fellow author who also happened to give birth to me on a notable day some years ago. Ms. Kimberly Baer, Esq. has a highly awesome book coming out soon entitled The Haunted Purse.

Seriously, this is an exceptional book, and if you’re a fan of paranormal mysteries, you should absolutely go pre-order it on Amazon. You can also check out the book trailer over on YouTube, or just go straight to Twitter and follow my mom on there, because that is clearly the right thing to do.

Handy Links That Are Handy:

Kimberly Baer Author Website and Blog
Kimberly Baer on Twitter
The Haunted Purse on Amazon
The Haunted Purse Book Trailer

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