How To Fail At Vegan Cooking

So, yeah, somehow I ended up writing a cookbook…? Not sure how that happened, but let’s just roll with it.

Want to get started down the road to vegan cooking but don’t want to be too good at it? If your kitchen is way too clean and peaceful and you’d like to incorporate some (potentially) delicious disasters, look no further: This book is for you.

You have convinced me! you cry passionately at your screen. Where can I acquire this glorious piece of literature, sure to become a breakthrough bestseller in the field of vegan cooking?

Well, friends, How To Fail At Vegan Cooking is available now in the Amazon Kindle Store for only $2.99:

How To Fail At Vegan Cooking, by T.J. Baer

But T.J., you say, there’s no “look inside” function so I can preview this wondrous thing before I purchase it. How can I know whether or not to spend actual money on a thing before I sample it?

Worry not, friend, for I’ve got your back. Included in this post, for the low-low price of Absolutely Free, you may gaze upon some sample pages of How To Fail At Vegan Cooking:

Still not convinced? Well, I have it under good authority that the National Feline Association of Felines intends to give this book five cat-litter-coated paw prints, their highest honor. If that doesn’t sway you in favor of picking up a copy, I don’t know what will.

“I approved this message.” –Very Smart Cat in Glasses

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