Take me home, country…plane

Greetings, friends. As usual, it’s been a while, so I’ll attempt to bring you up to speed on recent developments as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Having (a) just wrapped up a 12-week 5th/6th grade after-school teaching gig, and (b) gotten myself fully vaxxed (woot), I now finally feel comfortable making good on the Secret Plans I’ve had for quite some time: namely, moving back to Chicago after two long years away. There are many things to love about Virginia, but sadly it just doesn’t seem to be a place I “vibe” with, and thus I’m returning to a locale that feels much more like home (and trying to ignore the nine-month-long freezing cold winters for the time being).

As you might imagine, there’s quite a lot involved in preparing for such a move, such as selling off giant, expensive-to-transport bedroom furniture and packing all of my belongings into old boxes being held together by packing tape and optimism. I think I’m making good progress overall (giant bed has been exchanged for a comfy folding mattress on the floor, for instance), but it never becomes clearer just how many belongings one person is able to accumulate until a move comes along.

The movers are due at the end of this week, and I’m sure Moving Day Eve will see me scrambling frantically to cram random stuff into boxes while lamenting the fact that we live in a capitalist society that encourages the accumulation of unnecessary things. (While simultaneously being unable to get rid of any of those things, because I am both a firm democratic socialist and a hopelessly sentimental person who can’t get rid of anything without a lengthy consideration of how its loss may impact my life.)

Aside from moving, I’m also in the less than enviable position of looking for a new job due to the aforementioned teaching commitment wrapping up, and part of my job search has involved (a) finally putting together a writing portfolio and (b) spiffing up my author website, which you happen to be visiting this very moment. Gasp.

I’m pretty pleased overall with how the site revamp has gone, though the lack of customization available on the “Personal” WordPress site plan has been driving my mild OCD into the flashing red “Danger, Will Robinson” range. But I do think the new site looks much spiffier and cleaner overall and is far easier to navigate, and I’ve also added some shiny new book covers to the Books page + info on my upcoming release, a queer-led YA fantasy called Guardians.

So yes, do check out the new and improved site if you have the motivation to do so. And if you’re not familiar with the wide and sometimes bizarre range of writing I’ve put out into the world, head over to the Books page and familiarize yourself. There will be a test.

The test will only occur if you happen to run into me and I ask, “Hey, did you have a chance to look at my Books page?” however, so you’re probably fine.

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