Born in a small town in Pennsylvania, T.J. Baer wrote her first novel-length work at the age of thirteen, a science fiction epic starring Commander T.J. Baer and her Immense Ego.

After graduating from college and spending a dull handful of years working a computer job, she ran off to teach English in Japan and ended up living there for four years. She’s been teaching ever since, and now lives in Chicago with her cats, who are decent enough roommates but never chip in enough for rent.

T.J. Baer is the author of the 2007 novel Talking About Fungus, which is available in print and Kindle editions on Amazon here. Her second novel, Following Grandpa Jess, is available on Amazon and at Bold Strokes Books. Following Grandpa Jess hit the bestseller list on allromanceebooks.com shortly after its publication and received a five-star review from Lena Grey of Rainbow Book Reviews.

T.J. has also recently released two short story e-books, Not A Love Story and Rain Would Comewhich you should definitely purchase and read because they’re pretty spiffy.

She is currently working on an LGBT fantasy series which may never get finished, as she keeps deleting what she’s done and starting over in a misguided effort to get the bloody thing perfect. When not writing or teaching, she spends most of her time either watching Community or studying Japanese, though she occasionally breaks out of the cocoon of dorkiness for long enough to go hang out with her friends, who are also giant dorks.  She is cool.  Coolcoolcool.

Important Update: These days, Community has been heartlessly replaced by Sherlock. I regret nothing.

FacebookT.J. Baer
Twitter: tjbaerwrites
Email: tjbaerwrites@gmail.com

Regarding the photos on the left: The last photo is, of course, the most recent one, as well as being the most glamorous.

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