T.J. Baer is a queer author of novels, short stories, flash fiction, memoir pieces, and gif-filled blog posts. Born in Western Pennsylvania, T.J. spent four years in Japan and twelve years in Chicago and currently resides near Washington D.C. with two cats, a roommate, and a well-stocked cupboard of tea.

FacebookT.J. Baer
Twitter: @TJBaerAuthor
Email: tjbaerwrites@gmail.com

Talking About Fungus (novel), 2007, Torquere Press
Following Grandpa Jess (novel), 2013, Bold Strokes Books
Short Stories:
“Rain Would Come” (short story ebook), 2013, Amazon
“Not A Love Story” (short story ebook), 2014, Amazon
“Jump” (short fiction), 2019, Flash Fiction Magazine
“Still Life,” “Ghosts” (short fiction), 2019, Harpur Palate Literary Journal 18.2
June 12, 2009” (short memoir), 2019, Past-Ten Web Journal
Other Publications:
How To Fail At Vegan Cooking (mini-cookbook), 2020 Amazon
We Don’t Eat Animals (children’s picture book), 2020 Amazon


  1. A message from my corgis:

    Don’t trust a cat,
    nor thrust of man;
    against your plan,
    first he shall woo,
    then mooch from you,
    Yes, it is




    • Well, your corgis are exceptionally talented poets. ;) But it must be very tough for them, being such talented wordsmiths without opposable thumbs.

      Liked by 1 person

      • No, but every other fiber of them is opposable though! And they believe that squirrels and cats are trying to take over the world…


      • And they’re absolutely right, at least as far as cats are concerned. Not sure about the squirrels, but I wouldn’t put it past them. :P


      • :D


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