Born in a small town in Pennsylvania, T.J. Baer wrote her first novel-length work at the age of thirteen, a science fiction epic starring Commander T.J. Baer and her Immense Ego. After graduating from college and spending a dull handful of years working a computer job, she ran off to teach English in Japan and ended up living there for four years. She’s been teaching ever since, and now lives in Virginia with her cats, who are decent enough roommates but never chip in enough for rent.

Talking About Fungus (novel), 2007, Torquere Press
Following Grandpa Jess (novel), 2013, Bold Strokes Books
Short Stories:
“Rain Would Come” (short story ebook), 2013, Amazon
“Not A Love Story” (short story ebook), 2014, Amazon
“Jump” (short fiction), 2019, Flash Fiction Magazine
“Still Life,” “Ghosts” (short fiction), 2019, Harpur Palate Literary Journal 18.2
June 12, 2009” (short memoir), 2019, Past-Ten Web Journal

FacebookT.J. Baer
Twitter: @tjbaerwrites
Email: tjbaerwrites@gmail.com

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