A YA novel by T.J. Baer
Release Date: Coming in 2022 from NineStar Press

Seventeen-year-old Alisha Howard is having a rough day. She’s had to rescue her headstrong little brother from getting eaten by a monster from another dimension, her mom has put her on dish duty as punishment for bringing her sword to the table (again), and her lifelong enemy, snarky rich girl Belladonna, is starting to look like both a real human being and someone Alisha would like to kiss. To make matters worse, it looks like the world is about to end. Alisha is a Guardian, a sworn protector of life on Earth, but is she up to the task of saving the world?

Queer Content: Lesbian (F/F)

The Boy Who Was Kissed

A YA novel by T.J. Baer
Release Date: To Be Announced
Status: Querying

Sixteen-year-old Jasper Sinclair has one big regret: When his best friend Felix Morales kissed him in fifth grade, Jasper didn’t kiss him back. Instead, he pushed Felix away and let him drift out of his life. Now, six years later, Jasper finds himself at a new school that just happens to have Felix in it, and he finally has the chance to make things right. But when Jasper tracks Felix down, he’s stunned to find that his former best friend has become unrecognizable. The sweet, dorky kid he remembers is now one of the sports gods of the school, with a girlfriend on his arm and a crowd of friends whose chief hobbies are soccer and homophobia.

Reaching the Felix he once knew won’t be easy, but luckily Jasper has help in the form of Cameron Matsumoto-Rogers, president of the school’s QSA and sunshine incarnate. As Cam and Jasper hatch a plan to throw Felix and Jasper together, Jasper can’t help noticing that he’s happier than he’s ever been, and it’s Cam, not Felix, who is making him feel that way.

When Operation Felix starts to go a little too well, Jasper is faced with a choice: Embrace the lost love he’s been pining for all these years, or explore the new love that’s been growing right under his nose. 

Queer Content: Gay (M/M) , Lesbian (F/F), features transgender and nonbinary characters


A YA novel by T.J. Baer
Release Date: To Be Announced
Status: Querying

Coming out as a trans guy in high school is tough enough without the ghost of your dad haunting your dreams.

The week of Leo Dunn’s sixteenth birthday, he decides to finally start living as the boy that he is. But when his extended family shows up for an unexpected stay, Leo’s plans of coming out to his mom and sisters are thrown into a tailspin. And as if that weren’t enough to deal with, the ghost of his dad keeps appearing in his dreams, promising he can teach Leo how to “dream walk.”

Juggling ghostly fathers, a furious sister, and a growing crush on the soft-spoken new kid at school, Leo knows that finding the courage to live life as himself won’t be easy, but he’s up for the challenge. And maybe he’ll learn a little something about dreaming along the way.

Queer Content: Transgender, gay (M/M)

Remember Me

A YA novel by T.J. Baer
Release Date: To Be Announced
Status: In Progress

Seventeen-year-old Alex Sato is tired of his life. He’s tired of his dad nagging him to join a sport and make some friends, he’s tired of bullies picking on him because he’s quiet and “weird” and gay, and he’s tired of his mom trying to parent him long-distance from her new job on the other side of the world. All Alex wants is to get through high school so he can graduate and move to a big city, at which point his life will finally begin.

Enter Noah Thornbridge. Athletic, handsome, and sociable, Noah is everything Alex is not. Noah really seems to have it together, except for one small detail: He’s a ghost. When Noah appears in Alex’s English class one morning, Alex feels strangely drawn to him and agrees to help Noah solve the mystery of his death. But there’s no sign of Noah’s body, and the last thing he remembers is hiking through the woods with two of his friends, who are also missing.

With time running out, Alex must push aside his introverted tendencies and better judgment to chase Noah into the woods that claimed his life. There, Alex will face more than just the danger of following in Noah’s ghostly footsteps. He’ll face the biggest challenge of his life: Not falling in love with a dead boy.

Queer Content: Gay (M/M)


A YA novel by T.J. Baer
Release Date: To Be Announced
Status: Querying

Kaine Ikarra wakes to a nightmare. His rebel father has been captured during a midnight raid on the palace, and he and his mother must flee their home or risk becoming the queen’s next targets. But even as they settle down in a quiet town on the other side of the country, Kaine can think of nothing but using his growing magical abilities to get his father back.

Unfortunately, the people of the Godly Lands see those with magical gifts as abominations, so Kaine must study his spells in secret or risk death at the hands of his conservative new neighbors. He finds a teacher in Luca Defrin, an old friend of his mother’s with a secret identity: She is the Cloaked Man, a mysterious cloaked figure who uses magic to rescue “abominations” before they can be killed.

When Kaine’s powers are exposed in front of the entire town, it will take more than Luca’s magic to get him through the night. It will take every ounce of magic he has – and a little help from the gods.

Queer Content: Transgender, various queer relationships

Following Grandpa Jess

A novel by T.J. Baer
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Jess Madison has problems. His aging parents seem hell-bent on belittling him in new and increasingly infuriating ways, he’s fallen for his best—and, unfortunately, heterosexual—friend David, and his grandmother has recently taken to climbing out on her roof in hopes of contacting the spirit of her late husband, the much-beloved Grandpa Jess.

All Jess wants to do is live his life and feed his goldfish in peace, but instead he finds himself at the heart of a familial clash that seems ready to tear his family apart. With the help of his two younger brothers, uber-manly AJ and lovably weird Thomas, Jess sets out to reconcile his family, keep Grandma off the roof, and sort out the mess his life has become—with just a little help from Grandpa Jess.

Queer Content: Gay (M/M)

Bestseller at All Romance Ebooks.
Read a review at Rainbow Book Reviews.

Talking About Fungus

A novel by T.J. Baer
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Jamie knows by now that breaking up with a guy is not the end of the world. After taking a few deep breaths and giving a pair of his ex’s underwear to the cat to shred, he’s prepared to forget all about ole What’s-His-Name and get his life back in order.

But then his little sister barges in for a visit, his homophobic dad shows up after two years of stony silence, and his best friend seems to be falling in love with him. Just when Jamie’s fantasizing about running off to a monastery and joining up, he meets Mr. Right in a hospital waiting room thanks to the matchmaking powers of the Great Bard. Abe is unlike anyone Jamie’s ever met, let alone dated, and things finally seem to be looking up.

A phone call changes all that, and Jamie finds himself flying home with his sister and his best friend for a bedside vigil. Will Jamie make peace with his family before it’s too late? Will Abe forgive him for missing their second date without even a phone call?

Queer Content: Gay (M/M)

How To Fail At Vegan Cooking

A mini-cookbook by T.J. Baer
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Newbie vegan T.J. Baer shares cooking fails and not-quite-fails in this entertaining mini-cookbook. Readers can delight in family favorites like Sad Soggy Sushi, Breaded Cauliflower of Awesome, and Benny’s Favorite Cat Food (for our feline and pescatarian friends). Fans of cat pictures will find a few of those as well, along with at least one Cat Cooking Tip which should serve cooks of all species well. Settle in with this book and prepare to make some wonderful and delicious mistakes.

“Honest and hilarious.” “Highly entertaining and well written comic take on learning how to cook vegan recipes.”

We Don’t Eat Animals

A children’s book by T.J. Baer
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This fun, colorful picture book explains in simple terms why “we don’t eat animals.” A young girl learns from her vegan aunts that cows must be hurt to make hamburgers, and that food made from vegetables can be both healthy and delicious.

“A straightforward and honest book. I love the artwork and characters.”

“[A] sweet, clear explanation of veganism for kids. I love this story. It’s easy to understand and explains Veganism without being too graphic or violent. Great for young kids with questions. (Or older family members who don’t understand).”
Jaime H.,

Other Works by T.J. Baer:

Not A Love Story

A short story by T.J. Baer
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Devastated over his latest break-up, Jason hides out in his apartment while the take-out boxes and empty bags of cheese curls pile up around him. When Bea stops by to cheer him up, they embark on an afternoon of board games, psychoanalysis, Star Wars references, and cockroach eviction, and Jason learns the value of a good friend and a well-placed lava pit.

Queer Content: None

Rain Would Come

A short story by T.J. Baer
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On the eve of her sixty-fourth birthday, Barbara wakes up with the certainty that she’s going to die, and soon. Determined to make the most of her last days, she invites a certain lovely lady to accompany her to the beach for an afternoon of sun, wine, and talking about eternity.

Queer Content: Lesbian (F/F)


A short story by T.J. Baer
Read it at Flash Fiction Magazine.

A former cop, a speeding train, and a little girl in trouble…

“He has a split second to decide—jump or stay—so he jumps. Air roars past his ears and he slams onto the back of the train with an impact that judders through his bones, and then he’s scrabbling to get a handhold while his lower half dangles madly off the edge.”

Queer Content: None

June 12, 2009

A short memoir by T.J. Baer
Read it on the Past-Ten Web Journal.

What happens when a queer, gender fluid American ends up in a country that values sameness above all else? A memoir about losing yourself in Japan.

“The air was smothering, and I could already feel sweat creeping down the center of my back. I stood on the train platform weighed down by a bookbag and fashionable clothing, while all around me slender Japanese women dodged the sunlight with delicate parasols and long sleeves.”

Queer Content: Queer, Non-Binary

*Note: This memoir was written when I identified as non-binary rather than trans and still used “she/her” pronouns.

Praise for T.J. Baer:


“I am going to keep this on my BEST list . . . books I read over and over again, especially when I want to laugh and feel good.” –Sassy,

“Not just a good gay love story, but also a wonderful tale about the bonds of family and the struggles that come with the aging and death of grandparents. Looking forward to more work by this very talented author.” –Dovahkiin,

“Funny, sad, sweet, a combination that works wonderfully. You just fall in love with the characters. On my list as one of the best releases this year. Highly recommended.” –Fanie,

“This is a wonderfully written story of family dynamics, with such rich characters. Cry or laugh with them, it is so easy to feel for Jess, his two brothers, their father and grandmother. The brotherly bond is precious, these boys’ love for their grandmother touching and true. Then there is their father who tries so hard to do the right thing for his family but failed somehow. Certain scenes just moved me to tears. And of course the romance between Jess and David which is tender, romantic and sweet. This story is all heart, filled with so much love and warmth. This writer has a lovely style, the writing seamless and honest. Looking forward to many more stories from her.” –Nikki,

“A big part of the appeal of this book is its down-to-earth approach to family life. The writing is excellent and engaging without being sappy or over-the top. There aren’t any gigantic, earth-shattering events, but there are several that are, nonetheless, important milestones for Jess’s family unity. Each character is a piece of the familial puzzle which, even at best, may not fit together perfectly, but those whose greater purpose is brought into better focus with a lot of love, honesty, and introspection, all of which is achieved by remembering to follow the example left by Grandpa Jess. I recommend this heartwarming, emotional story to everyone who wants a good, thoughtful read, one which also reminds us of the importance of family love.” –Lena Grey, Rainbow Book Reviews


“This story is like a breath of fresh air. Modern and quick-witted, it moves along at a fast pace and displays a sense of humor atypical for the genre. The characters’ voices are unique, the dialogue utterly realistic. The relationships between the characters ring true; they can be strained without being horrific, fun without reading like a comedy. Despite the sometimes-serious subject matter, this story is filled with hope, and its conclusion is no exception. Jamie’s too nice a guy not to end up with a happily ever after — who he ends up with, though, isn’t as simple as one might think. Charming, entertaining, and contemporary. Not to be missed.” –Alexa Snow, author of Clear Cut and Sleeping Stone

“This novel is definitely a first-effort success. The characters were believable, but even more so was the dialogue, which kept the plot fast-paced. Above all, the first-person narration makes the reader feel as if sitting on the couch right beside Jamie, hearing him tell his story. The unusual title? It stays a mystery until the very end.” –Jan M. Bowman,


“‘Not A Love Story’ is a charming, touching short story that will appeal to anyone who has gone through a rough break-up. It paints a realistic picture of post-break-up depression and the stages of accepting the end of something that you believe made you complete.” –Emily J. Hunger,

“[Jump] does it all, engage the emotions, paint a picture, provide motive–and give the reader a satisfactory ending.” —Bobby, Flash Fiction

“[Jump is] a heartbreaking storm.” —Ann Staley, Flash Fiction