Sneak Peek: Man Up (Queer YA)

It's time yet again for another sneak peek of one of the queer Young Adult books I'm currently working on, this one tentatively titled Man Up. It features a nonbinary protagonist (Alfie, he/they) who finds himself in the peculiar position of discovering the popular school football star living in his grandfather's old woodshed for **Mysterious … Continue reading Sneak Peek: Man Up (Queer YA)

Sneak Peek: The Boy Who Was Kissed (Queer YA)

Greetings, friends! I'm back with a sneak peek from another of my queer book projects, this one a YA novel entitled, The Boy Who Was Kissed. This book involves wholesome queer love triangles, questionable music choices, and grumpy soccer boys dancing on rainbow-bedecked Homecoming floats (or, actually, just one). Venture below for more! (Also, if … Continue reading Sneak Peek: The Boy Who Was Kissed (Queer YA)

Romeos: When Cis Actors Play Trans Characters

This past holiday weekend, I finally had the chance to check out some LGBTQ+ movies I've been meaning to watch. One of these was Romeos, a German film that follows young trans guy Lukas as he navigates the difficulties of hiding his trans-ness from the people around him. My feelings about this film are complicated. … Continue reading Romeos: When Cis Actors Play Trans Characters

Sneak Peek: Remember Me (Queer YA)

Today, I'm here to offer you another sneak peek into one of my (perhaps too many) ongoing queer-related projects, this one a YA novel tentatively titled Remember Me and unofficially titled Gay Ghost Boys Solve A Mystery. I hadn't actually intended to either (a) write this book, or (b) do it for NaNoWriMo, but on … Continue reading Sneak Peek: Remember Me (Queer YA)

Trans Book Club: The Witch Boy

Greetings yet again, and welcome to another installment of Trans Book Club! Today we're looking at The Witch Boy series, a trilogy of graphic novels that, while not overtly trans, are nonetheless super-duper trans. And also just enjoyable and nifty and awesome, so. Here we are. At present, The Witch Boy series is comprised of … Continue reading Trans Book Club: The Witch Boy

Trans Book Club: Sorted, by Jackson Bird

Welcome to yet another installment of Trans Book Club! Up to now, we've been looking primarily at fiction, but today we're venturing into memoir with what is not only my favorite trans memoir, but one of my favorite books in general. Venture below to read more! Sorted, by Jackson Bird I first found this book … Continue reading Trans Book Club: Sorted, by Jackson Bird

Game Review: Tell Me Why

Thought I'd mix things up a bit today and talk about a game I recently very much enjoyed playing, despite the fact that it got Backstreet Boys stuck in my head for days. What game is this, you ask (having apparently not read the title of this post)? Tell Me Why is a mystery at … Continue reading Game Review: Tell Me Why

Trans Book Club: Both Sides Now

Hello, friends, and welcome to another thrilling edition of Trans Book Club! Last time we talked about Peter Darling, a trans reimagining of Peter Pan, and today we'll be looking at Peyton Thomas' Both Sides Now, a YA novel that involves a young trans man, a national debate, and a great deal of humor and … Continue reading Trans Book Club: Both Sides Now

Sneak Peek: Dreamers (Trans YA Novel)

A few months ago over spring break, my roommate went out of town on vacation and I found myself with the apartment to myself (and no classes to teach) for a solid week. I used this time to start work on a story I've been wanting to tell for a long time: Namely, a trans … Continue reading Sneak Peek: Dreamers (Trans YA Novel)

Random Queer Storytime: The Suit

Welcome, friends, and thank you for joining me for yet another thrilling edition of Random Queer Storytime, that all-too-frequent occasion when I launch into a random tale of my past that exemplifies both my queer/trans-ness and the fact that I was impressively oblivious as a young person. In today's episode, we learn about a dance, … Continue reading Random Queer Storytime: The Suit