The T.J. Baer team just wouldn’t function without its devoted feline members. Their invaluable contributions include keeping warm any comfy chairs that have just been vacated, sounding the alarm if T.J. looks likely to write through dinnertime, and ensuring that no one in the house is so lazy as to sleep beyond 5 AM (AKA, breakfast time).


Benny is the senior member of the Feline Management Team, having been a part of the Baer household since 2012. Benny is an older gentleman, but he still enjoys catnip, racing through the house at 3 AM, and climbing to the topmost cabinet in the kitchen. His hobbies include eating, sleeping, and being devilishly handsome.


Darla is the junior member of the team, but she has the energy and drive to run circles around the other members (and she often does). Darla’s specialties include meowing at closed doors, eating dust bunnies under the bed, and chasing anything that moves, regardless of whether or not it is a body part of another member of the household.

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