“Golden Retriever” Charity Tee (for The Trevor Project)

Nick Nelsons of the world, unite! (And help The Trevor Project with its lifesaving work!)

Let’s harness the pure, wholesome goodness of the golden retrievers of the world to raise funds for The Trevor Project, an amazing non-profit that is doing the following vital, lifesaving work for LGBTQ+ youth:

  • Providing crisis services free of charge and 24/7 — including TrevorLifeline, TrevorText, and TrevorChat
  • Working with policymakers to pass legislation protecting young LGBTQ people
  • Providing a safe space for queer youth to connect with others like themselves on TrevorSpace
  • Offering education and resources for teens, parents, and anyone who wishes to learn more about queer issues

All proceeds from these shirts go directly to The Trevor Project!

If you’d like to make a direct donation, you can visit The Trevor Project’s donation page here.

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