Conferences, food, and drowsy catnaps

I thought I was done waking up at 3:45 AM due to the time change, but alas, this morning marked another early wakeup and general refusal from my body and brain to return to sleep. As today was Parent/Teacher Conferences and my last day at work, I took advantage of the extra time to (a) write thank-you cards to parents,  (b) cook up some goodies to keep me alive and semi-coherent during conferences, and (c) stare into space for long periods of time while wondering what it must be like to sleep past 4 AM.


Donuts and coffee are always provided for conferences, so I brought along a chocolate mug cake so I could join in on the sugar intake and general glorious unhealthiness. I also brought  a non-dairy grilled “cheese” sandwich, which involved spreading my version of Cheap Lazy Vegan’s tofu cheese recipe over toast and pan-frying it, and that made for an excellent hobbity Second Breakfast.

Conferences went very well, incidentally – it seemed like a fitting way to end my tenure at this  school, getting to meet one-on-one with parents and rave about their kids (plus gently offering a few “things we’re working on” :P). Many of them took time out to say kind things about my contributions to their kids’ development, and overall, it was just a pleasant, positive, hopeful sort of day. (And let’s face it, chocolate cake tends to improve just about any experience.)

Upon returning home, burdened by a full-sized keyboard, giant backpack of stuff, and a gift bag packed with homemade cards and lovely little presents, I had some lunch and flopped onto the couch to drowse and watch HGTV. I spent much of the afternoon dozing with cats on either side of me, and I really can’t recommend that manner of spending an afternoon highly enough.

For dinner tonight, I tried my hand at a vegan mac and cheese, which I ate far too much of and which has led to a somewhat unhappy stomach and entirely unrepentant tastebuds.  (And it must’ve been good, because Darla is currently up on the stove licking up a little spill of “cheese” sauce from the countertop. Weird, weird cat.)

Anyway. It’s now nearly eight PM, and despite my drowsy afternoon, I’m more than ready for bed. With that in mind, I shall bid you adieu for now, and hopefully have more to report on – possibly in wacky video form – at a later time. :P

Pizza pizza.

There’s a staff meeting at work tomorrow, and that means pizza (because when you’re an exhausted, hungry teacher who’s been changing dirty diapers all day and now has to stay at work even longer for a staff meeting, you need some damn pizza). So, naturally, I had to make some pizza of my own to bring along, because sitting in a room full of people who are eating pizza and not eating pizza is just far, far too tragic. Thus! Homemade vegan pizza.

This is a tandoori naan base (dairy-free) with pizza sauce, a slightly adjusted version of Cheap Lazy Vegan’s tofu cheese recipe (I add vegan mayo to the mix , because deliciousness), and a variety of vegetables (tomatoes, red bell peppers, baby spinach, black olives, and roasted eggplant). I baked the whole thing in the toaster oven for ten or fifteen minutes, and bam, delicious vegan pizza.

Of course, due to my recently deceased food processor, I was left with no choice but to try to make the tofu cheese in the blender, and that was not ideal. I had to add a splash of almond milk so there would be enough liquid for the mixture to blend, and that altered the taste of the “cheese” a bit, sadly. Probably won’t matter when it’s covered with tomato sauce and veggies, but my stab at pizza perfection has, alas, fallen short. Still, not a bad attempt overall, and this may perhaps give me further motivation to get a new food processor. Someday. Eventually.

Anyway, YAY, pizza!

Vegan Vlog 8: Vegan Tacos

I wasn’t planning on making a video this evening, but my dinner experiment was unexpectedly delicious and thus required documentation. Hence, another vlog! In this edition, I experiment with vegan tacos and slowly start to get the hang of making a video from this angle. Err…sort of. :P