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Name: TJ
Occupation(s): Writer, Teacher, Queer Person Extraordinaire
Likes: Sarcasm, tea, cats
Dislikes: Existential angst, social injustice, grapefruit
What You Will Find Here: Queer fiction, blog posts on a variety of subjects, a page dedicated entirely to cats, bad scifi written by a 13-year-old
What You Won’t Find Here: Sanity, probably

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From gay and lesbian romance to action-packed flash fiction, check the Books page for info on my books, short fiction, and short non-fiction.


Where do vegans get their protein? Why is Scorpia from She-Ra so awesome? What would happen if Nancy Drew visited the Antiques Roadshow? Visit the Blog for gif-filled posts about everything from queer issues to writing to veganism.

Works in Progress

Magic, monsters, and gay themes aplenty! Visit the Works in Progress page to find out about the queer stories I’m currently working on.


Who is Benedict Cumbercat, anyway?

Head over to the Cats page to get some vital info on the furry forces of chaos with whom I share a living space.

What to do when the evil Sffon Collective is trying to take over the galaxy? Have a dance party, of course. Catch up on the thrilling and not-at-all ridiculous sci-fi adventures of Commander T.J. Baer and friends with Fighting For the Galaxy Fridays!

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