Which is full of writing talk and piss-poor doodles

So, aside from working, sleeping, eating, binge-watching The Graham Norton Show, and falling head-over-heels in love with Thomas Brodie-Sangster lookalike girls on trains, I’ve also been doing a great deal of writing as of late.


Just like this, but less green.

Some of that writing has been strictly for my own amusement (such as the twelve-page tale I wrote about a trip my friends and I took to a Japanese barbecue restaurant, which I for some reason felt the need to transform into a Dragonlance/Dungeons and Dragons-style adventure), but the rest of it has been me working on my LGBT fantasy epic, Chosen. Continue reading

Red Dwarf, Twitter, and shiny new shiny things

My plan for this weekend was to get some writing done, submit a few job applications, clean up my disaster area of an apartment, and just generally be so disgustingly productive that I’d instantly become the most hated individual on all the internet. (Thus ousting Mr. Donald “I’m actually an android created by The Onion to troll America” Trump from his current position of honor.)


Unfortunately, a combination of lack of sleep, pudding brain, and depressing weather led to me spending most of yesterday stuffing my face with Chinese food and watching old episodes of Red Dwarf on Hulu.


While I don’t in any way regret the nostalgia trip down Red Dwarf Lane, I do feel as if my Saturday was something of a waste. The only good thing that came of it was that T-Mobile, gracious overlords that they are, deigned to offer me a free phone to replace my ridiculously outdated current one.

Which means that I am now in possession of a shiny new phone and didn’t have to go (deeper) into debt to get it! Hurrah!

And really, it’s the most amazing thing: When I click on the internet on my new phone, the internet loads. And when I click on the photo gallery, the photo gallery loads. And when I take a picture, it takes a freaking picture. I’d gotten so used to my old, crappy phone that I’d forgotten it was possible for a piece of technology to actually do what it’s supposed to do.


As a side effect of this unprecedented case of technology functioning properly, I’ve actually been starting to use my Twitter account for more than just cryptic announcements re: my most recent blog posts.

There’s nothing much there as of yet, but should anyone wish to observe my attempts to condense my habitual wordiness into 140 characters, you can follow my (embarrassing newbie) efforts here:


Other than that, not much to report except that the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. / Agent Carter dubsmash war has been entertaining the crap out of me today, AMC’s Humans is one of the best shows I’ve seen in a very long time, and I’m both horribly confused and horribly excited for the Sherlock Christmas special.

And now to attempt to salvage some of my weekend by cramming two days’ worth of productivity into the tiny wedge of Sunday still available to me.



Fighting For the Galaxy returns!


And finally, Fighting For the Galaxy Fridays is back with another brow-creasing, head-tilting installment of puzzlingly bad decisions and questionable sci-fi! This time on a Thursday for some reason!


In our last chapter, Jessica liberated herself from the intensive care unit via a well-timed punch to Captain Abrigio’s jaw, T.J. revealed her gory psychic dreams to soon-to-be-rat-food Rendar, and the gang was subjected to a probe by the evil Sffons’ mind-reading computer.

Venture below for the next thrilling chapter!

Continue reading

Which is all about fungus.

Good news, fungus fans! After a lengthy wait of approximately five thousand years, the print version of Talking About Fungus – now with a spiffy new cover that actually relates to the book – is now available!



It’s currently available on Amazon’s “Createspace” site, and will be up on the Amazon main page within, if the legends be true, 3-5 business days.

And if that’s still not enough fungus for you, the T.J. Baer Shop (est. Yesterday, 2014) now carries a Talking About Fungus T-shirt! WOW! What an unexpected merchandise tie-in! And how convenient for those ardent fans whose deepest desire is to have my poorly drawn doodles on their chests for all the world to see!



Get all your TAF stuff now while supplies last! (Which will probably be quite a long time, actually, so it might be all right to finish what you’re doing before buying your book(s) and/or T-shirt(s). But I wouldn’t wait much longer than that, just to be on the safest of safe sides.)


In other news, my Chosen beta-readers (a very official word meaning “friends who have been pressured into reading my lengthy LGBT fantasy epic and giving me some feedback on it”) are beta-reading, and I’m doing a great deal of editing and reading and reading and editing.

And, contrary to every natural impulse in my body, cleaning.


Why, you may ask, would anyone with a comfortable chair and internet access subject themselves to something as miserable as cleaning? Well, my mother is coming for a visit this week, and that means that I have to extricate myself from my usual life of squalor and offer the illusion that I live in an apartment that occasionally gets cleaned.

This evening’s To Do List will involve a great deal of dusting, sweeping, and scrubbing of gunk out of horrifying places, but hopefully by the end of it, I’ll have created an environment that I won’t be ashamed to let my mother set foot in.

And, of course, as soon as she leaves, I’ll likely lapse back into my usual disgraceful and dusty existence, but for a few golden, glorious days, I shall live in a world of CLEAN.


And now, I shall go back to asking that age-old question, “What is this stuff in the bottom of the sink, and can I destroy it before it destroys me with its probably-highly-toxic stench?”


I’m off to find out. Boo-yah.