FGJ at Rainbow Reviews

For any interested parties, you can read a review of my book, Following Grandpa Jess, over at Rainbow Reviews:  http://www.rainbowbookreviews.com/book-reviews/following-grandpa-jess-by-tj-baer-at-bold-strokes-books A quote from the review, which was written by Lena Grey: "A big part of the appeal of this book is its down-to-earth approach to family life. The writing is excellent and engaging without being sappy … Continue reading FGJ at Rainbow Reviews

News of the good variety

Just wanted to share the (somewhat belated) news that Following Grandpa Jess recently hit the bestseller list over at allromanceebooks.com. Huzzah! The book was also recently featured over on Reviews by Jessewave, and if you're still on the fence about whether or not to buy it, you can find a variety of thoughts on the book on … Continue reading News of the good variety

Following Grandpa Jess: Now available!

Great news, folks: My new novel, Following Grandpa Jess, is now available for purchase on the Bold Strokes Books web site! Buying a copy is quick and easy, and they have every variety of eBook you could possibly want. And it's only $4.99! Go forth and buy it, my friends~! Following Grandpa Jess, by T.J. Baer Jess … Continue reading Following Grandpa Jess: Now available!

Coming soon to an internet near you…

As this is meant to be my Official Author Web Site (TM), it occurs to me that it may be a good idea to actually include information about my writing.  THUS! Some info on my second novel, coming out this summer as an eBook via Bold Strokes Books: Following Grandpa Jess Jess Madison has problems. His … Continue reading Coming soon to an internet near you…