In which I do my civic duty (and nearly get hypothermia)

This week was a historic one for me, friends. After years of evading it due to being out of the country or in another state, it finally happened: I was summoned for jury duty, and I actually had to go.


It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as it could’ve been, and I’m glad to have had the opportunity to learn more about our justice system (the primary lesson being that it’s slower than an arthritic snail), but even so, the whole experience was still something of a…well, trial.


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Fighting For the Galaxy: Chapter 8!


Welcome back to Fighting For the Galaxy Fridays,  actually on a Friday for once! Wow!

In our last installment of hilariously bad pseudo-sci-fi, Captain Torel Abrigio charged off to the dangerous planet Sffonia in search of the shot-five-times-but-surprisingly-mobile Jessica, while T.J. cunningly blamed her knowledge of the Sffon codes on resident bad guy and turncoat Steve Phelps. As a reward for her information, the Sffon decided not to execute her, and instead are sending her off to be a human slave at some rich dude’s house, because sure, that sounds plausible.

Will T.J. be able to escape before she’s forced to don a ridiculously skimpy uniform and give stirring speeches about equality to her captors’ children? Will Abrigio somehow spot Jessica in minutes despite the fact that she could literally be anywhere on the entire planet of Sffonia? And will Mark actually kill someone by throwing a fork at them because he saw it in a movie once? (Answer: Yes. Yes, he will.)

Read on to find out the answers to these and more burning questions..!

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I feel pretty and witty and…

Because “gay” really should go back to meaning “happy,” some smile-inducing LGBTQ tidbits from around the web:

1. Gandalf and Dumbledore got married across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church, and it was – wait for it – magical.



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Of giveaways and musical bosoms

Reminder: You, yes you, can win a signed, advance reader copy of Book I of Chosen! When a mark on your skin decides whether you live or die… A knock on the door, a voice in the night, and fifteen-year-old Kaine Ikarra’s world changes forever. His father has disappeared and no one will say what’s happened to him, only that he’s gone and won’t be … Continue reading Of giveaways and musical bosoms

In which the dreadful consequences are revealed

It would seem that my six-hour journey yesterday was not without consequences. Yes. For you see, the sad truth of the matter is… I’m sick. On the plus side, at the moment it’s just a bit of a sore throat plus a general overwhelming feeling of you’re sick you’re sick you’re sick just in case you forgot for a minute HEY you’re sick…but as I … Continue reading In which the dreadful consequences are revealed

Weenie roasts and blogger recruitment

It’s a lovely sunny morning, I have nowhere to go and nothing I have to do (aside from housework, but that’s easy enough to ignore), and it’s just about time for my second cup of tea. Life is good. Well, except for that whole thing about how very soon our country will be controlled entirely by a bunch of rich white guys who are determined … Continue reading Weenie roasts and blogger recruitment

On harassment (and other hilarious topics)

So, when I was in college, I wanted desperately to be a man. I cut my hair short, wore traditionally “masculine” clothes, and spoke and moved and behaved like a typical twenty-something guy. I even created a male persona on OpenDiary (an ancient diary site now probably covered in cobwebs and dinosaur bones) and used it to finally experience what life would’ve been like if … Continue reading On harassment (and other hilarious topics)

Because procrastination isn’t just for weekends.

Good morning, friends. I have only a limited time between finishing breakfast and needing to be on my way out the door, so naturally I’ve chosen to use this time to write a blog entry. Is this a good idea? Yeah, probably not. Let’s do it anyway. So, as it happens, I don’t actually have much to say, which I admit may make writing a … Continue reading Because procrastination isn’t just for weekends.