On my doings as of late.


Hey, you.

Yeah, you.


Now that that’s out of the way, on to business. Nearly a month has passed since my last update, and you may be asking yourself, “What has T.J. been doing all this time? Why did she leave us for so long? Does she not realize that her absence plunges us into a chill, unending darkness that never abates until she returns?”

Then again, you might not be asking yourself that at all. Either way, you’re getting an answer.


So, what have I been doing as of late?

Many things, friends. Many things. I turned another year older, thus drawing me one step closer to becoming a crazy old cat lady. I started a new story, a Buffy-esque YA novel that I’m really enjoying writing. I dressed up as Mara Jade for Halloween, started taking a Japanese class for the first time in years, got a flu shot, voted, read a bunch of books, took on some new students, and discovered that my quality of life really suffers when it’s dark, cold, and miserable outside all the time.


Who knew?

I also finished the fifth draft of Chosen (AKA, my LGBT fantasy epic), incorporating changes suggested by various folks who have been kind enough to read over the book thus far. And I think…I think…I think…!

I think it’s just about ready to go.




Translation: Yay!

My next step is to get to work on my query letter, which I will happily admit is the most difficult, soul-crushing part of the whole writing/publishing process. Great, so you’ve sweated your guts out for the past several years writing a fantastic novel – now you have to condense everything that’s great about said novel into one short email and somehow convince an agent and/or publisher that it, unlike the other hundreds or thousands of novels they’ve received queries about today, is actually super awesome and worth reading.



But rather than focusing on that, I’ll focus on the fact that the book is finally almost ready to send out, because that’s pretty spiffy – particularly since I started the first version of this story when I was about fifteen, and I am now…considerably older than fifteen.



Not much else to say, as I spent most of today in a rainy-day haze and am still having trouble getting my brain to do complex tasks like forming words or making coherent sentences. But I shall return at another time, I’m sure, and further assail you with gifs, sarcasm, and happy sparkling gayness.


Until then, dear friends.

Paranormal lesbians and the pizza to end all pizzas

First, I’d like to offer my heartfelt gratitude to those individuals who’ve liked, commented on, or followed this blog. You guys rock!


In other news, it’s somehow Sunday evening again, meaning that the entire weekend has vanished into a sad little puff of smoke and Monday morning looms all too near.


Where did the time go? What happened to the weekend? Why won’t Monday just take the hint and go away? *woe woe woe*

Anyway, aside from trekking out to the pet store and buying a mighty tower of cat food for Benny, I also used today to get some writing done. I’m taking a little break from the editing of Chosen so I can come back to it with fresh eyes, so today, I did some work on Queer Investigations, also known as The Story Where Lesbians in Chicago Solve Paranormal Mysteries and Thus the “Queer” In the Title Has Two Meanings If You See What I Did There (working title).

It’s a fun little story, and I managed to get quite a bit of new stuff written today, though I find myself getting impatient re: finishing the bloody thing and getting it out into the world where people can read it. The problem is that I’ve set up a fairly complicated plot in the opening chapters, because I apparently hate myself and want my brain to shrivel up and die.


But I’ll keep pushing on through, trusting (as I always do) that Future Me will figure out how to tie up all the loose ends and make this the best paranormal lesbians story ever…!


(Not counting Madame Vastra and Jenny, of course, hallowed be their names.)

In other-other news, today continues my brave attempt at eating more healthily, though I’ve found that after consuming a massive salad of lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, cucumbers, black beans, bits of feta cheese, and toasted pieces of pita bread, I’m full for about an hour and a half – and then it’s as if my stomach has never before known the sweet embrace of food. An empty maw spreads through my gut, and I MUST HAVE FOOD FRIES OR POPCORN OR A HAMBURGER OR OH MAN SOME CHOCOLATE WOULD BE AWESOME


But instead of succumbing to temptation, sweet reader, I made a reasonably healthy dinner and quelled my desserty cravings with a protein shake and a bowl of grapes. HOW TOUGH AM I?


Damn straight.

I shall celebrate this victory of the human spirit with a pizza topped with chocolate and french fries and donuts and ice cream and steak, because dammit, I earned it.


Until next time~~~~

/pointless update

In which I venture into the outside world (and survive)!

HELLO, INTERNET. I have returned.

(I’m looking a bit like Lucille Ball these days.)

I haven’t been on the computer much over the last week or so, which is both (a) a very, very good (albeit surprising) thing, and (b) the reason behind my tragic lack of updates as of late.

But TJ! you say, because you often make exclamatory remarks to your computer screen. Is it even humanly possible for a person to be away from the computer for that long? Wouldn’t your head explode and your heart shrivel up and die in your chest?

Perfectly valid questions, dear internet person, which I shall answer thusly:

First, as it turns out, it’s possible to be away from the computer for a surprisingly lengthy period of time without any horrifying side effects (aside from a general free-and-easy feeling which I’m sure is most unnatural).

Second, there are actually a number of things to do in the outside world, despite my previous assumption that this could not possibly be the case.

So, rather than spending my time this past week scrolling endlessly through Facebook and searching Tumblr for new gifs, I’ve been out in the world, doing stuff.


First, my dear mother came for a four-day visit, during which time we walked, ate, walked, did touristy things, walked, ate, and walked and ate some more. And then, just prior to her leaving, she took me to Target and bought me stuff, because mothers are pretty freaking awesome sometimes. Also, I’m poor, and thus don’t generally worry about things like having enough dishes or a nice little kitchen rug or…you know, paper towels and fancy stuff like that.


Since then, I’ve been using my newfound love of the real world to take long walks around the city, visit the library, pop into some newly discovered book stores, and acquire a towering stack of books to read. (Because I may be turning over a new leaf, but it’s still a tremendously nerdy leaf.)

Of course, there’s also a less-wondrous side to my recent ramblings, mainly that today I have shin splints and a backache and had to do the Sophia Petrillo shuffle all the way to the grocery store and back. Turns out that there is such a thing as overdoing this whole walking around in the outside world thing; I just have to endeavor to find a balance between glued-to-my-computer-chair and Forrest-Gump-traversing-America.

In other news, as long as I’m on the road to self-improvement via the reduction of my internet time, I’ve decided to tackle some other things – mainly my diet, which has veered into less than healthy waters as of late.


(It’s a Lucy sort of day.)

Thus, today I limped on down to the supermarket and picked up some Healthy Food Items, after which I constructed a Healthy Lunch and Healthy Dinner, and even a Healthy Snack. Wow!

Currently taking bets on how long this new healthy regime will last:

1. Not long
2. Less than not long
3. I’m stuffing my face as we speak


Place your bets now!