Chosen and Queer Ladies in Media

Creating this five-minute video somehow took all freaking morning (and beyond), but I’m fairly satisfied with the result, so I suppose all is well. :P In any case! A look at my ongoing LGBTQ+ fantasy series, Chosen, and the general state of queer and powerful ladies in media, accompanied by a great many gifs because a video of just my voice + a black screen would probably be less than scintillating.

VEGAN VLOG 29: Non-junk resolution, sugar cravings, and chocolate chia seed pudding

Latest Vegan Vlog: In which I discuss my recent resolution to eat less junk, my struggles with sugar (and fiber), and a delicious chocolate chia seed pudding recipe. Also, there is much weirdness, because…just because.

VEGAN VLOG 27: Cravings, exercise, and delicious junky junk food

Today, a discussion of my struggles to eat healthily and get enough exercise, plus a tragic tale of egg in my rice.

Additionally, my microphone has betrayed me yet again, so the sound isn’t as crisp and clear as last time. Alas. Someday I’ll sort this stuff out, rly.

VEGAN VLOG 26: Darla + Coffee = Probably Bad, and “Raw, Vegan, Not Gross”

In which I further discuss my attempts at raw vegan eating (including some frozen berry-inspired trauma), Darla attempts to attract my attention by attacking various nearby objects, and I am a good Samaritan tragically trapped in my home for (probably) the rest of the day.

Also, headset = actually functioning, so you may be able to hear me in this video. Hooray!

VEGAN VLOG 25: In which Chicago is cold and I try some raw vegan (non-)cookin’.

So, news flash: Chicago is cold! Also, I’ve been experimenting with raw vegan dishes in an attempt to avoid post-meal regret and general suffering. Hurrah! Also, I’m not sure the camera app on my computer actually uses the headset microphone, as the sound quality on this video is less awesome than I’d expected. Sadface, etc.

Interlude: Basic Chinese phrases and some whining in Japanese (and English!)

INTERLUDE! In which I demonstrate some truly awful Chinese and a brief whining tantrum in both Japanese and English.

Also, to give this the authentic feel of a Chinese film badly dubbed into English, I have arranged for my video editing program to randomly refuse to sync my lips to my words. So very much to enjoy in this video…!

How To Make Vegan Sushi (if you don’t really know what you’re doing)

Vegan Vlog #5 (and hopefully my last spam-post for this weekend), in which I make cucumber avocado rolls with soggy sushi rice and do some fascinating things with camera angles. Comments and/or advice on how to improve my technique are welcome. :P