On location-challenged bananas and nasal psychics

Greetings, internet. As usual, it’s been awhile. One of these days I’ll get the hang of updating my blog in a timely manner, but alas, probably not anytime soon. I have high hopes for my retirement, however. Anyway, I come to you today with an Important Message! (Which you know is important due to the expert use of capitalization.) As you know, I have books and … Continue reading On location-challenged bananas and nasal psychics

This is a blog post! Wow! Amazing!

So, I’m going to try this interesting new thing called “updating my blog on a semi-regular basis.” I know. Shocking. We’ll see how it goes. So, for my first Updating My Blog On A Semi-Regular Basis (UMBOASRB?) entry: Ummmm. Hm. Ah, got it. Things I’ve been doing recently! 1. Watching a great deal of Sherlock 2. Thinking a great deal about Sherlock 3. Cursing winter and its … Continue reading This is a blog post! Wow! Amazing!

Obligatory Intro Post

Greetings, internet.  There will at some point be actual content on this site, though as Aragorn would happily tell you, “TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY.” He would also like you to know that “you cannot wield it,” and additionally, “it has no other master.” Readers Who Have Never Seen Lord of the Rings:  …………*back button* Anyway, this will eventually be the blogging space of up-and-coming … Continue reading Obligatory Intro Post