Works in Progress

Here are some of the queer stories I’m currently working on:

“The world is ending, but she will stand in its way.”

Seventeen-year-old Alisha Howard is having a hard day. She’s had to rescue her headstrong little brother from getting eaten by a monster from another dimension, her mom has put her on dish duty as punishment for bringing her sword to the table (again), and to make matters worse, it looks like the world is about to end. Alisha is a Guardian, a sworn protector of life on Earth, but is she up to the task of saving the world?

“When a mark on your skin decides if you live or die…

A knock on the door, a voice in the night, and sixteen-year-old Kaine Ikarra’s world changes forever. His father has disappeared, forcing Kaine and his mother to flee in the middle of the night. Kaine has a secret, a glowing mark on his skin that grants him great powers—and could condemn him to death. Kaine must risk everything to save himself, his mother, and his friends—and learn the truth of his father’s disappearance.